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Are Home Security Systems Really Worth the Cost?

There is a saying when it comes to purchases big and small that says “you get what you pay for.” When it comes to home security systems, including the presently popular wireless home security systems, this is absolutely not … [Read More...]

Hallmark Channel Original Premiere of “Nantucket Noel” on Friday, Nov. 19th at 8pm/7c! #CountdowntoChristmas

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. This is going to be our first Christmas in North Carolina. We are moving on December 1st - me and my boys. It's going to be a very special Christmas for us as we start a new … [Read More...]

Why We Should Give Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts To Our Loved Ones

Why Do We Gift Loved Ones? Every so often, an opportunity presents itself to gift a loved one. It may be a birthday, wedding, graduation, a newborn baby, or a celebration of an achievement. Whatever the occasion, we have … [Read More...]

Trending Online Games that You Should Know About

The man-cave is where he goes to spend time with his friends or his technology. Although you may not be invited, it’s worth being in the know as to what’s hot in the way of gaming and online games so that you can either get … [Read More...]

Go Solar! 5 Facts About Solar Panels You Need to Know

Although solar energy has become more and more popular, only about 2% of energy in the United States comes from solar energy. With that said, solar power is expected to continue to grow as it has already increased more … [Read More...]

How to Find the Best Wellness Products

Wellness is something that consumers are always looking for in their daily lives, but great health remains fleeting for millions of Americans. Bringing in new products that can boost your mood, energy, and many other aspects … [Read More...]

The Best Ways to Free Your Mind

All too often, our lives become a tangle of anxieties and overthinking. We worry about various aspects of modern life and then worry about how much we’re worried. That certainly sounds like a cycle of stress! However, any … [Read More...]

Interesting Industries You Might Want to Work In

Trying to decide exactly where you want to work and what industry you want to dedicate yourself to is a daunting and complicated task. There are so many options and industries available to you that trying to pick one over the … [Read More...]

6 Game Genres You Should Try

The term video game is an absurdly broad term that covers such a wide variety of titles which it is almost laughable to lump all together. However, there is little other way to effectively describe this enormous group of … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Screens

Researchers have recently discovered that most office workers spend over 1,000 hours each year staring at their computer screens. Now that more and more people are working from home, this number has only increased. How can we … [Read More...]