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No Stress Holiday Gift Giving from Walmart Photo

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I’m not stressing about gift giving this holiday season.


What makes this year different you ask?

I am working with Walmart Photo to create the perfect gift for the holidays.

In the past buying gifts for my dad has always been so stressful because he really has everything he wants and needs. He lives in California and we don’t get to see each other often. The truth is he has never met my children even though my oldest is 23 years old. I’ve also noticed for some reason as our parents get older that it seems like they are harder and harder to buy for during the holidays. I’ve been working on my list and when Walmart Photo reached out in regards to their product line I found the answer I had been searching for, a personal wall calendar featuring my family. So, no more stressing thanks to Walmart for the opportunity to try out the services!


Putting the calendar together for my dad was fun. I got to spend time with the kids looking through old digital images, scanning old photographs, and picking our favorites for the calendar. It was truly a labor of love because we wanted him to feel like he was experiencing some of our favorite moments from our life together. The online builder allows you to easily grab images from Facebook, FlickR, Instagram and other storage on Walmart Photo. If you choose to do it in-store, you can transfer images from your smartphone using the Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer App or it you rather connect the cable at the kiosk you can do that was well.

The end product was exactly what we had hoped for and many of the gifts offered by Walmart Photo are available for same day pick-up. You can choose from over 3,500 locations nationwide or order online at Walmart Photo like we did. Since they offer same day pick-up on many items, I know I’ll be using their service for all my last minute gift giving such as canvas prints and similar items. I’m always forgetting someone.


Anyway, after discovering how easy this is to create, order, and pick up I have decided to use these calendars for everyone in my family as their name tag on their stockings this year. The cover of each calendar will feature a baby photo of the person, and for each month I’m going to find a photo of them that corresponds with the month. I think this will be a fun way to spend the morning when we open our stockings Christmas Day.  You could also do this for “gift tags” for your favorite person’s holiday gift. The ideas are limitless and even better, Photo Calendars are on Rollback for just $10 through 1/3!

Want to give it a try? Enter the Walmart Photo #Sweepstakes below and leave a comment on this post that includes the hashtag #sweepstakes and share with me how you would create a Walmart Photo for someone this holiday season!

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About the Walmart Photo Calendar we created:

There were so many templates to choose from that we had a hard time picking one but we finally agreed on the 8×11, 12 Month Photo Calendar with the Simply Elegant background for $10.00.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart Photo.


  1. latoya gordon says

    I would give my mom a picture of us on a mug #Sweepstakes

  2. I would love to get a beautiful canvas printed of the family to give to my mom. #Sweepstakes

  3. I would love to get some cute mugs. My sister in law just had a baby and I think everyone would love some mugs with her sweet little face on them!

  4. Mary Ambrosino says

    What an awesome gift for your Dad. A calendar would make a terrific Xmas present.

  5. Adrienne Gordon says

    I’d make a fun calendar for my Mom with my kids photos.

  6. I want to get a canvas of a photo of me with my grandmother when I was about four years old.

  7. Michelle Hill says

    I would choose my favorite photos from throughout the year and make a calendar!

  8. If i were to win #Sweepstakes I would get my mother-in-law a canvas of our recent family picture.

  9. I would make a collage of family vacation pictures #Sweepstakes

  10. I’d make a photo book for my friend’s grandkids. #Sweepstakes
    Thanks for the contest.

  11. Lori Magelky says

    I’d take pictures of my kids!

  12. Laurie Steiner says

    I’d love to make a calendar of all the kids and grandkids for my mom

  13. I would have something made for my mom from all of the grandkids!

  14. Melissa Cawthorne says

    Would love to see my friend win #Sweepstakes!

  15. Cindy Peterson says

    I would make a family calendar

  16. Justin Sparks says

    I would like to convert my old video tapes from my daughter when she was young so she could have them for herself and show her kids someday.

  17. jeremy mclaughlin says

    Would make my parents a family calendar #sweepstakes

  18. If I won this #sweepstakes I would create a Christmas gift of a calendar for my family!

  19. Alison King says

    I would have a canvas print made with a picture of the whole family for my grandparents.

  20. Alison King says

    I would have a canvas print made with a picture of the whole family for my grandparents. #sweepstakes

  21. I would have some gifts made for my in-laws. The kids and them have a special relationship but they’re in a different country so don’t get to visit as often. Sweet #sweepstakes!

  22. I would create a canvas print of my niece who is due in 2 weeks! #Sweepstakes

  23. Yvonne Delgado says

    #sweepstakes I would like to make my mom a blanket with all the grandkids photos on it. Or maybe a calendar, she has liked that in the past. Photo gifts are always a hit with the grandparents and aunties

  24. Jenny Scheldberg says

    I would do a photo collage for my husband of all his fishing catches the past year.

  25. Angela Saver says

    I would get the Family Scrolll Sherpa Blanket (50×60″) and use a collage of photos from our family vacation in South Dakota!

  26. I would make a photo book for my mom #Sweepstakes

  27. AHHH Love the calendar! Super cute!

  28. Sarah Jestings says

    I would love to create a photo book for my mom of my kids. She would love it.

  29. a cute mug for a christmas gift with picture on it would be nice to do

  30. I would make a calendar of my grandbaby from pictures throughout the year.

  31. I would love to get a blanket with our photos for my parents. #sweepstakes

  32. I would use this to get a photo canvas for my hubby!

  33. Belinda Burton says

    I’d make a calendar for my in-laws and a mug with my kids’ picture on it for my dad.

  34. I’d make a calendar of all the memories from 2016

  35. #sweepstakes Create some Christmas Cards from family memories from this year

  36. I would create something for my husband.

  37. I’d love to get a nice and cute blanket. Blankets make such perfect gifts for walmart photos or any kinds of photos.

  38. Mary Gardner says

    I would have a canvas made of a photo of all the grandchildren for my mother.

  39. Id create a photo calendar. #Sweepstakes

  40. Brittney House says

    I would make a calendar for my sister with my niece’s pictures.

  41. Carolyn Daley says

    I would love to create a photo book for my mom.

  42. WE would make photo mugs

  43. I would love to do a memory blanket they are so beautiful and I know my mom would treasure it #Sweepstakes

  44. I would make a calendar of a recent vacation to Australia

  45. I would make a calendar of a recent vacation to Australia #sweepstakes

  46. I would use our family photos to create a calendar for my wife.

  47. Danielle Oyen says

    I would create a photo blanket for each of my married children #Sweepstakes

  48. I love mugs. I would love to put a friends dogs on a mug for them, or their kids or Grandparents or cats or….well you get the idea.

  49. #Sweepstakes Photo gifts are always my go to gift, I love making things personal. I would make my husband a photo mug to remind him of his wife and child everytime he is feeling down.

  50. susan smoaks says

    i would create a photo blanket for my mom.

  51. Brenda Elsner says

    I would make a calander for my parents. #sweepstakes

  52. allyson tice says

    I woudl make a personalized photo blanket with all my kids on it for my inlaws! my mother in law would lvoe it for her couch! #sweepstakes

  53. Id create a photo calendar from our Disney trip #Sweepstakes

  54. Shirley Hicks says

    id like to make a photo book for a few family members. #sweepstakes

  55. Devona Fryer says

    I would make a calendar for my daughter as a Christmas present. #Sweepstakes

  56. We have a three month old baby girl so we would love to make photo books for our family! #sweepstakes


    Sweet giveaway!

  58. Richard Hicks says

    I would use a family photo from our summer vacation to make a nice calendar

  59. My sisters and I plan on making our parents a photo book of our kids.

  60. I would make a calendar with our Disney pics.

  61. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would create a family photo album for my mom. #Sweepstakes

  62. I’d love to make a calendar for my dad with pictures of his four kids and his wife.

  63. I’d love to make a calendar of the kids for my parents #Sweepstakes

  64. I would use it towards a photo blanket for my husband’s Christmas present, featuring he and our 3 year old son as the photo on the blanket.