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Trending Online Games that You Should Know About

The man-cave is where he goes to spend time with his friends or his technology. Although you may not be invited, it’s worth being in the know as to what’s hot in the way of gaming and online games so that you can either get involved or at least be able to make the conversation around the games that he plays.

Below is a brief overview of the type of games trending in man-caves and studies the world over. It provides a fabulous conversation starter and will serve to keep you in the know.

Fantasy sport

These are online prediction games, where you are able to put together a team based on the actual players and their stats. Your team then earns points based on the players’ and managers’ actual weekly performances and thus earns fantasy points and improves your ranking based on these points. Playing a fantasy sport or managing a fantasy sports team can be an all-encompassing game. Those who have invested in it can spend hours at a time to build, monitor, and then discuss the results of each week’s games with other players on forums and in chat rooms.

This is a fast-growing sector that over 60 million people play in North America alone. Football is the leading game at the moment, but any sport can be played if you understand it and are able to follow the live games on the weekends.

Online gambling

This is one of the fastest-growing pastimes out there and is one of the top activities to take place in the man-cave. There is a huge number of casino games available. Take online gambling NJ, for example. These games are all the rage as you no longer need to go into the casino or dress up to lay a wager on the game or have a few spins on the slots.

First person shooter games

These games have been the mainstay of the gaming sector and have proven popular across the globe. First person shooter is a common genre and an easy one to get involved with and understand. The genre includes anything from Star Wars to Overwatch and Call of Duty, so it’ll be likely based on an entertainment item or movie that you know and understand. Then aim and shoot….

Adventure games

The adventure games segment can be the one that takes the most time in the man-cave. Examples include Forge of Empires and Assassins Creed. These can be quite complex and depending on the nature of gameplay will be all-consuming if you’re any good and get into the top leagues in the world. So, when you call and he doesn’t answer immediately, it could be that an adventure game is underway and he’s about to take over the world.

The idea is not to get all mixed up in the fun that happens in the man-cave and between your partner/husband and their friends, but to be able to share in the banter and engage with them about their pastimes. Then who knows, there may be an invitation to join in on occasion.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Not being a game player these hints help to know what people are discussing.