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Traveling Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

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While a mesothelioma diagnosis will drastically change your life, it should not stop you from traveling and enjoying time with your family. Many experts recommend that patients diagnosed with mesothelioma enjoy life as much as they can since the disease is pretty aggressive. The only person who can stop you from making those travel plans is your doctor, since he or she is the one who will say if you are fit to travel. Your doctor will be the one to tell you about all the other things you must prepare for should you get the green light to go away. 

When planning your trip, be aware of the possible inconveniences you must deal with, but don’t let this stop you. Just think about all the benefits you can reap from this vacation. 

Here are the things you must do before the trip:

Consult Your Doctor

Before you buy that plane ticket, you have to speak with your doctor and find out if you are fit to travel. You have to inform your doctor about the length of your trip so he or she can make considerations such as scheduled treatments. It is also essential to tell your doctor about your travel location, especially if you are traveling to an exotic place where access to care could be limited. 

Once you get approval from your doctor, you have to plan out your trip carefully. Since you have special needs, it might be best to plan and figure out all the details ahead of time. 

Discuss and Organize Travel Arrangements

Once you get the go signal, inform your family about it, and thoroughly discuss the available travel options. Your family must understand that they have to adjust to your condition. They have to know which activities you cannot participate in and what are the things they must prepare for should you experience a worsening of your symptoms. You have to designate someone who will be in charge of your medications and other safety items you might need for your condition. Remember that these preparations are not limited to your family members. You also have to relay this to the airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, and other locations you are likely to visit. 

If you are flying, ask about access to a respirator and other special items you might need during the flight. Inform the airline ahead of time so they can prepare the necessary things for you. If you have special dietary needs, you might want to request a specific meal. Also, ask about the limits on liquid medications you may have to take with you. If you must check-in your medicines, make sure you have enough in your carry-on bag. If you must, ask for a medical certificate from your doctor, particularly if you are taking in some opioid medications to manage your pain. Bergman Legal, a law firm with substantial experience with mesothelioma patients, suggests talking to your doctor about pain management so you can better enjoy your vacation. 

While organizing your arrangements, you have to think about any potential emergencies that might happen. Don’t forget to coordinate with a nearby hospital and ask about their facilities. It would be good to know if they have experience dealing with mesothelioma patients. 

Create a Checklist

Making a checklist for you and your companions will give you peace of mind knowing everything is in place. Emergencies during travel are stressful, and you wouldn’t want to experience one. By creating a checklist, you ensure that all your travel essentials are prepared. Your list should include:

  • Personal items
  • Medications with dosage and time of intake
  • Medical certificate
  • Emergency contact numbers

When you are on your vacation, try not to overthink your illness. Instead, enjoy and have fun. When you return home, be sure to visit your doctor again so both of you can assess complications you may have experienced and proceed with treatment. 


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