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How to Become an Eco-Friendly Parent

Being an eco-friendly parent doesn’t require much effort; sometimes it just requires focusing on the right issues, like the little things that you might assume can impact your environment negatively. As a parent, you need to be responsible for all your actions. Remember, those around you learn and benefit from your choices. Do you know how you can become an eco-friendly parent? Read this informative article and learn more.

Change Your Family’s Clothing and Skin Care Products

If you’ve never been keen on the type of clothing your family members have been putting on, it’s time you change that. Not all clothes are eco-friendly, so if you want to bring a change, start shopping for the ones that won’t impact the environment negatively. 

There are eco-friendly baby clothes you can buy to replace the other type. Or if you like second-hand items, buy organic clothes that are fashionable without spending much. Don’t forget your skin’s health is also vital and needs the best care. So, check on the products your family members are using and act accordingly. Consider using natural skincare products that will cause both of you to glow.

Avoid In-Organic Store-Bought Food

If you’ve been enjoying in-organic store-bought food, it’s time you think twice about them if you’re going to become eco-friendly. This is because the packaging of store-bought foods is not environmentally friendly and doesn’t decompose either. So, if you buy them, you’ll have a hard time disposing of them.

 If you avoid these foods, the best option is to make homemade organic delicacies that are healthier. Choose simple recipes that are not involving and let your family enjoy. If you can’t find time to cook, ensure you buy organic foods which contain no chemicals or preservatives. You can purchase healthier foods like vegan meals and let your family members enjoy healthy dishes.

Check on the Baby Diaper Products You’ve Been Using

You might have been using baby diapers that are not eco-friendly because of a lack of knowledge. Once you become eco-conscious, check on the type of diapers your baby has been using. If you realize they are not biodegradable, change and look for better ones. Begin your new journey with eco diapers that have no harm on your kid’s skin and are soft and affordable. Also, ensure the wipes you’ll be using with your diapers are eco-friendly too. 

Change Your Cleaning Products 

Most cleaning products that are readily available in the market are toxic to your skin and the environment. If they’re the ones you’ve been using, change that. Look for non-toxic cleaning products that will help you preserve your environment. Consider buying your kid natural bathing products that won’t harm their skin. Also, check on the cleaning product you use for your dishes and laundry. If you can make homemade cleaning products, it will help in your new quest of becoming an eco-friendly parent.

Work on Your Washing Method

Being a parent requires you to wash the whole family’s clothes and bedding, which is never easy. If the method you’ve been using is not environment-friendly, work on it. For example, if you’re using a washing machine, avoid using high temperatures. You can wash on full loads and let your clothes dry in the sun instead of using a tumbler dryer. Ensure that the washing detergents are also eco-friendly or, if you can, use the refillable ones.

Embrace Walking

Do you want to avoid air pollution in your locality? Change starts with you so, lead by example and start walking to your job while dropping your kid at school or to the grocery. Walking will also help you become fit and healthier. If you can’t walk, consider using scooters or bicycles which have no harm to the environment. However, learn the tips on how to protect your skin when you’re walking, especially during winter. 


To become an eco-friendly parent, start changing the things around you. Stop using inorganic foods, toxic cleaning products, and non-biodegradable clothes. Avoid any pollution and be an eco-friendly dad or mom.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Some good tips so we can all do our part.