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Tips To Help Gaming Students Balance Homework and Video Games

Video games and high school have competed for decades. Let’s face it: It’s not hard to get sucked into your favorite role-playing game (RPG) like Fallout, and next thing you know, it’s midnight and you still haven’t started that essay that’s due tomorrow.

It’s true that video games have a wide range of benefits, such as improved hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills and even some games that teach factual history while you play. However, like anything on Earth, they need to be used in moderation. Too much time spent on gaming can have detrimental effects on your health and schoolwork.

That’s where finding the right balance comes in, because there’s nothing wrong with enjoying video games and reaping the many benefits they provide. However, if you can’t find a balance while you’re in high school, you may find yourself in trouble when it’s time for college. In addition, once you find that balance, you can start prepping for college while maintaining good grades in school. For example, with a perfect balance between gaming and homework, you’ll have time to check out student loan resources, such as TuitionHero, for all the information you need to begin your journey into higher education.

With that in mind, today, we’ll cover some tips to help gaming students find a balance between homework and video games.

Choose gaming equipment that complements your schoolwork resources.



Gaming equipment doesn’t have to be exclusively for gaming. You can utilize your gaming setup to complete your homework more efficiently and faster. For example, the best gaming keyboard can also function as the best essay-writing keyboard. The experts at HotSpawn suggest the Razer Huntsman keyboard is the best gaming keyboard on the market, as its linear optical switches allow for the fastest response time for more precise keystrokes. As a result, your gaming response times will be much faster than the competition. However, this quick keystroke response can also be applied to your homework. When you’re typing essays and papers for school, your top-quality gaming keyboard will provide the fastest keystrokes for the fastest written homework.

Do your homework before you start playing games.


If you’re a gamer student, you’ve likely heard this lecture from a parent or guardian at some point: Do your homework before you start gaming. It’s a simple, easy tip that so many students overlook. It can be tempting to jump into a Call of Duty match or start that RPG story you’ve been excited for all day as soon as you get home. However, your schoolwork is the priority and should be attended to first.

In addition, committing to not starting a video game until your homework is finished provides an incentive to get started right away and do an excellent job so you can hop on your game sooner. Not only will this strategy ensure you get your work done, but you’ll also be able to play games without feeling guilty about neglecting your schoolwork.

Set a timer to stay on track.


Once you’ve finished your homework and you can start playing, you should consider setting a timer to limit your playtime. Just because you completed your assignments doesn’t mean you should stay up half of the night playing games. You’ll only end up groggy and exhausted on your next day of school, negatively affecting your grades.

On a school day, you should limit yourself to no more than an hour and a half of gaming that evening after your homework. This timer should leave you with plenty of time for socializing with your family, dinner, bathing, and a full night’s sleep to set you up for success.

The perfect balance between school and gaming is essential.

By utilizing these tips to balance your gaming and schoolwork, you should have no trouble staying on top of your grades while enjoying personal hobbies. Remember to choose gaming equipment that can also help you in school, do your homework first, and set a timer when you play games on school nights.


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    Some great advice for gaming/student moms.