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Why Leadership is Important in Any Career

When applying for jobs, you may have noticed that employers are constantly looking for good leadership when on the search for desired candidates. However, it’s fair to say that not everyone is a born leader and it may take practice to improve the skill. One of the questions you may be asking yourself is ‘why is leadership so critical in the workplace’? First and foremost, employers are now looking for independent candidates who can take the reins of their workload and potentially manage their team.   

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In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the key reasons why it is fast becoming a sought-after skill in job-seeking candidates and can help you improve your career prospects:

1. Helps you determine professional strengths  

It’s natural to believe that all good leaders are outgoing with extremely good self-confidence, but this isn’t strictly true. Some of the world’s best leaders have had to learn the skill to be successful in their position. If you believe you don’t already have the leadership qualities to succeed in your dream job, it would be highly advised to consider studying a B.A. in Organizational Leadership in which you will learn an abundance of useful skills that can be transitioned into the workplace environment, including critical management, organization, project management and communication. Learning how to be a great leader allows you to determine exactly where your professional strengths lie and how to progress in your desired field.

2. Can make good professional connections 

Shy individuals may find it difficult to make connections with others both in their personal and professional lives but having leadership skills can give you a confidence boost to build relationships – which is often crucial in the workplace. What’s more, it may help you to tackle difficult situations that are thrown your way. If a job role requires you to manage a team, it’s natural to get overwhelmed by emotion when a stressful situation arises which can rub off on your colleagues and create a negative environment. However, understanding the basic traits of leadership can help you think more logically and calmly about dealing with the issue. 

3. Shows you’re a good decision-maker 

When a team is unable to make a joint decision – whether it be about workplace culture or a collaborative project, a good leader will be able to give solid reasons as to why a certain decision should be made. They should possess both emotive and rational logic and consider the needs of the entire team. Employers are always keen to hire individuals who aren’t afraid to speak up when it comes to the interests of the business and employees.

4. Inspires your team 

A good leader understands their team on an emotional and professional level. Employers should ensure that their employees are working to maximum productivity and are satisfied with their daily tasks – you may have the opportunity to help forward your team towards meeting a certain goal based on their individual strengths. In addition, a good leader knows how to motivate and inspire team members when morale is low, to boost collaborative output. 


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    There is nothing more important than a good leader.