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Are Home Security Systems Really Worth the Cost?

There is a saying when it comes to purchases big and small that says “you get what you pay for.” When it comes to home security systems, including the presently popular wireless home security systems, this is absolutely not the case. There is a home security system for nearly every budget, including those that begin with affordable device starter kits and plans as low as $5 to $10 a month. But is it worth the value? How about those that cost hundreds, even thousands? Here are some reasons why home security systems are well worth the investment, broken down by each aspect of the system.

Professional Monitoring

Considered to be the highest and most efficient level of service, professional monitoring adds an additional layer of safety by entrusting the security of your home to professionals who monitor and assess threats. They have the power to contact emergency services immediately on your behalf, rather than the typical protocol of a mere burglar alarm, with which the company tries to contact you first, and possibly multiple times, wasting time and resulting in further delay of emergency services and law enforcement being contacted. These costs range from $5 to $65 a month, though select services, like Ring’s new Security Guard service, may cost more. 

Installation and Activation

If you’re lucky, your home security company will provide you with free installation of devices and noa activation fee for the security services. You can also avoid installation fees by getting a do-it-yourself-friendly device kit. Having said that, installation and activation fees can run anywhere from nothing to $200. Is it worth it? Absolutely, if you get a complicated set of devices that require integration and tech-savvy. 

Equipment and Devices

The widest range when it comes to home security costs is in the devices and set up you choose to have for your particular property, whether it be your home or business. Devices range from doorbells, cameras, and lights, to devices complete with motion-detection, sound-activation, and more. Several popular home security companies offer basic kits of essential devices, and these can range in value, but normally kits usually begin around $250 and individual devices can run from $5 to thousands, depending on the maker, quality, and technology integrated into the design. Be sure to check device reviews, and you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth, no matter your budget.

Maintenance and Service

You’ll want to make sure that you get a warranty that includes service calls, since you never know when you may need to have your system checked. For example, birds could obscure the camera with a nest, or inclement weather could knock down a motion-sensor that is critical to your safety. Usually, maintenance fees run around $10 a month. 


You will need to pay local and state taxes for your equipment and monitoring, which can range depending on your particular tax rates, but this is a burden we all must bear for the state of the community.