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3 Career Options in the Field of Healthcare That Don’t Involve Medical School

When the majority of people think about a job in the field of healthcare, the first one that comes to mind is generally that of a doctor. While to the average person, doctors tend to be the most recognizable face in the world of healthcare, the field itself is filled with a variety of jobs and career options that are each unique and interesting in their own right.

The fact of the matter is that if you have always wanted to have a career in healthcare, but you don’t really have any desire to attend medical school or become a doctor, you have plenty of options to consider. The field is so vast that it requires a variety of qualified professionals with different skills and talents in order to keep it going. 

Because of this, you might even find yourself a bit overwhelmed at how many options are available to you when trying to choose the right path for yourself in the field of healthcare. If you are currently looking to discover what sort of career in healthcare you would like to have, here are three options for you to consider that don’t involve attending medical school.

1. Healthcare Administration

Even though the average person typically only interacts with physicians, nurses, and physician’s assistants when they seek out medical care, there is an entire network of professionals behind such individuals who work tirelessly to keep health systems and hospitals running. Healthcare administrators play critical roles in the field of healthcare that make medical care more accessible and the systems in place more efficient.

The top healthcare administration jobs are incredibly attractive positions for healthcare professionals looking to work in such a capacity. Those who wish to go this route with their career should equip themselves with enough knowledge and practical skill needed to stand out from the crowd of other candidates.

2. Physician’s Assistant

The selection and placement systems in place for hopeful medical school students can be incredibly unforgiving at times. There are plenty of qualified and passionate young students who attempt to earn one of the coveted spots in medical school each year only to find that they have been passed over.

If you are in such a position and are still determined to practice medicine in some capacity, you should consider becoming a physician’s assistant. Not only does such a route not require medical school, but there is a great deal of projected growth in this area that will see you securing employment for yourself without much difficulty at all.

3. Medical Research

New developments and innovations in the field of medicine are constantly being made. It is typically through the work of dedicated medical researchers that such progress is brought about and converted into practical knowledge that can be used to improve the outlook for patients everywhere.

Becoming a medical researcher will involve earning an advanced degree, but it isn’t necessary to attend medical school. With job opportunities in multiple areas of medical development, you can build a fascinating career for yourself as a medical researcher. 


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