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What To Do On A Family Day Out at Wild Florida Orlando

Wild Florida is a fun adventure for all ages with exciting activities, such as boat rides and beautiful scenery. There are so many cool things to do and unique, fun places to go, such as Wildlife Park and Wild Florida’s Gator. Get to enjoy the animal encounter and let your family learn more about nature and the importance of wildlife. So, what awaits you and your family at Wild Florida? 

In this post, you’ll learn more about the best things to do on a family day out at the famous Wild Florida, Orlando. 

Appreciate Wildlife Attractions

Wild Florida Park offers the most exciting airboat eco-tour, which is just a short drive from the Orlando International Airport. Also, the place is near the Space Coast and the Disney area if you want more attractions. So, read the full Wild Florida Park Guide on Orlando Attractions and find the best family Wild Florida tour for you today. 

Here are the things you’ll see at Wild Florida Park: 

  • Get to enjoy an airboat tour with your family in your weekend day out and appreciate nature at its best with its untouched nature preserve at 4,200 acres, capturing real Florida experience. 
  • Visit the tropical bird aviary and experience alligators, bald eagles, and other wildlife encounters with 200 native and exotic animals. 
  • Take unlimited selfies with different animal and plant species; something to post about on your social media pages.

Explore Discovery Cove

Never leave Wild Florida without visiting Discovery Cove. It’s a unique all-inclusive theme park offering once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters. Enjoy the tropical vibes and the incredible amenities with a sumptuous selection of unlimited food and drinks.

You can also see other animals at Discovery Cove. Because the number of guests is limited, you get away with crowds and simply enjoy the exclusivity of the place. The breathtaking sights and unique adventures make this Wild Florida attraction fun and appealing. 

Here are the best things to do at Discovery Cove: 

  • Swim with bottlenose dolphins
  • Spot a marmoset
  • Go nose-to-nose with friendly sharks
  • Snorkel with different species of tropical fish and rays in The Grand Reef
  • Watch playful otters along Freshwater Oasis
  • Hand-feed tropical, exotic birds with special bird food in carts present throughout the aviary
  • Enjoy sipping a refreshing drink at Sunken Terrace
  • Nap in a hammock in a cool breeze underneath palm trees

Airboat Adventure 

Plan an awesome Orlando family trip and try an airboat tour. Unlike other rides in Wild Florida, anybody can take the airboat tour because there’s no height or age requirement. Airboat rides are relaxing and exciting for everyone to enjoy – from toddlers to seniors. 

Airboat providers ensure your family’s safety with ear protection and life jackets during the airboat tour. This way, you have peace of mind and enjoy riding to the fullest knowing that you and your family are safe. 

Interactive Animal Activities 

There are many interactive animal activities that your children will love at Gator Park. Enjoy Gator Feeding and Exotic Animal shows. Your kids will learn a lot of things about native wildlife, such as two-toed sloths, albino alligators, African crested porcupines, American alligators, ring-tailed lemurs, and tamanduas. 

Also, you’ll learn about the different animal species and their distinct personalities. You can experience hands-on feeding of animals and get to perform in an animal enrichment activity. 

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure 

If you already have grown up kids or teenagers, one of the best Wild Florida adventure is tree trekking through Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park, which is an aerial adventure course located in the Disney area. 

You can navigate your way through a cool maze of obstacles built in the trees. It’ll test your limits for 2.5 to3 hours. It’s an excellent adventure for grown-ups, creating precious, unforgettable memories with this unique family bonding experience. 

The fun park was designed by industry leaders, featuring more than 97 challenging games in over six courses.

Here are the following tree trek adventure obstacles at Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park:

  • Swinging logs 
  • Cargo nets
  • Bridges
  • Skateboards
  • Trapeze swings (10 to 50 feet)
  • Ziplines 


In your next family day out, bring your loved ones at Wild Florida, Orlando. It’s a beautiful place to learn, explore, and enjoy what wildlife has to offer. 

Book a tour and pack your things and experience family outing away from hours of using digital devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Create a unique, adventurous, and fun family bonding experience with tons of memories to bring with you at home.  


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