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6 Game Genres You Should Try

The term video game is an absurdly broad term that covers such a wide variety of titles which it is almost laughable to lump all together. However, there is little other way to effectively describe this enormous group of titles, which is why there are so many genres of video game. With so many options when it comes to video game genre it can be difficult to make an informed decision as to what you should play. This article aims to illuminate what a handful of these genres entail so that you can make a marginally more informed decision. 

1. Horror

One of the most popular genres of video game available, horror games are all about frightening the player and putting them on edge. There are many ways that horror games achieve this. Franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s use jump scares and limited resources to create an ever-mounting sense of anxiety in the player, while games like Alien: Isolation use the threat of an unstoppable and extremely deadly enemy to spur the player onward in order to escape. Regardless of the subgenre, horror games frighten their players by creating an insurmountable gap of power between the enemies and the player, leaving them no option but to desperately try to survive, rather than trying to defeat their enemy.

2. Roguelike

This genre of game thrives on the initial weakness of the player and has them slowly gain power through repeated attempts to breach the incredibly powerful defenses of the game and defeat a series of bosses leading all the way up to the final boss. Roguelikes are incredibly difficult games and are designed to be punishing to the player, who will slowly gain power as they are repeatedly defeated until they are eventually able to overcome the game.

3. Online Games

These games are more suited to a casual audience who prefer simpler, more straightforward games. Whether you are visiting the many different kinds of online casinos, or playing a simple animated game where you acquire mass like agar.io, the point remains that the game is very straightforward and incredibly fun to play.

4. Open World

This genre has recently been revived by the splendid Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and focuses primarily on the exploration of an enormous world that is completely open to the player from the moment you start playing. This concept is deeply satisfying for those who like to explore unabated and makes for an interesting story experience to boot, when you can do anything, what is there to stop you doing whatever you like? 

5. First Person Shooter

This genre has dominated the console market for a very long time, and for good reason. First person shooters combine an extremely satisfying gameplay experience with an excellent medium for the delivery of story. This makes these games a great way to unwind and simply enjoy a story and great mechanics all at once.

6. Interactive Story

A less popular but enormously innovative gaming experience. Interactive stories bring that ever-important element of choice to the player and make it so that their actions have significant bearing on the result of the story.


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