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You’re No Evel Knievel—Follow These 3 Tips to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Image : pexels  The good news in terms of the statistics for motorcyclist injuries is that Americans suffered fewer of these types of harm or hurt in 2015 than in the previous year, 2014. There’s definitely … [Read More...]

Understanding Divorce Myths And Realities

pixabayDivorce is something that by the numbers, is not something that has affected you personally as someone who has been divorced or as a child of divorce, has likely affected someone in your personal circle. CDC … [Read More...]

Finding the Best Vacation Accommodations for Your Family

Choosing the right accommodations for your family is one of the most important parts of planning a vacation. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your destination to discover every hotel in the area is booked thanks to a … [Read More...]

Urban Gardens: Good For Physical And Mental Health

Surprising Correlations As it turns out, there is a link between what you eat and how healthy you are mentally. It may be surprising to realize, but sometimes physical and mental health aren’t defined by obvious factors. One … [Read More...]

How You Can Keep Your Independence with a Few Home Improvements

What can be worse than feeling the family home is becoming an obstacle course and just doing the daily chores is a challenge? As we get older, losing our independence at home is a major issue that both demoralizes us and … [Read More...]

Petcurean Weight Loss Tips for Pets

Did you know that 22-44% of pets weigh more than their ideal body weight? Obesity can contribute to major health problems for your pet including diabetes in cats and decreasing the lifespan of your dog. The negative side … [Read More...]

The 5 Most Effective Moves for Polishing up Your Appearance

Image credit: pixabay  Have an interview that you want to ace? Perhaps you have a 10 or 20-year high school reunion coming up, and you want to make heads turn? Or maybe you are reentering the workforce after a … [Read More...]

2018 Calendars from Rock Point Gift and Stationary

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Rock Point Publishing. With the new calendars Rock Point Publishing is featuring this year, you can keep up with important dates and personalize your space in lots … [Read More...]

Discover Streamsong Resort in Central Florida

Disclosure: This post is a result of being hosted at Streamsong Resort. It's my experience, shared with you. What You Didn't Know About Streamsong ResortListed as GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Courses You Can Play, Streamsong … [Read More...]

4 Ways to Make Life Easier for Loved Ones with Reduced Mobility

Providing the right care for any of your aging family members that live in your home is important. You may be helping your parents that are getting up in years, and this can be a real challenge each day to accomplish. Being … [Read More...]