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When to Replace Your Car’s Tires

https://pixabay.com/photos/car-hood-vintage-classic-oldschool-690275/ One of the most important parts of your car is the tires. If your tires are in bad shape, you could quickly find it hard to drive your car, or you could even end up in a car accident. Since we’d all like to avoid that, it’s a good idea to regularly check in […]

Health at a Glance: 6 Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

The Connection Between Negligence and Spinal Cord Injury Causes Spinal cord damage falls into the legal category of catastrophic injuries because the result is a serious loss of body function.  Other such injuries include brain injuries, traumatic amputations, and severe burns, among others.  Many law firms refer these cases to firms with more courtroom experience […]

Things You Can Do To Keep That Youthful And Fresh-Faced Glow

History shows us that people have been doing their utmost to make sure that they look young and beautiful even into their old age. Many a story has told of magical wonders like the fountain of youth, that grants both immortality and the gift of forever looking young. Then there are the horrible tales like […]

3 Great Ways to Use Screen Recording as a Utility

Have you ever considered the ways that you could use screen recording as a utility? In the past, its potential has often been ignored due to the fact that it could be quite complicated, but nowadays screen recording software has become more user-friendly and widely-available. Considering macOS now has a built-in screen recorder and Windows […]

Save $500 with the purchase of a 5-piece LG Kitchen Package from @BestBuy

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy. As most of you know my favorite room in my home is my kitchen. It’s where I spend the most time and around the holidays I really count on my appliances to hold all the massive amounts of food I make for our family. Growing up the […]

4 Types of Diving Masks to Try

When diving, it is crucial to prevent water from getting into your eyes and nose. Light can bend when it reaches the water surface which can make it hard to see. To be safe when immersed underwater, always use a diving mask. Diving masks come in different designs, features, and functionality. You need to find […]

Treat Yourself, No Matter What. 5 Ways to Spoil Yourself This Week

When was the last time you treated yourself? Or had ten minutes of peace where you didn’t worry about work, the kids, your partner or something embarrassing that happened to you ten years ago? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s been too long since you had a little TLC. Don’t worry about spending […]

7 Things to Do Before Choosing a Paint Color

https://pixabay.com/en/bedroom-bed-room-home-interior-690129/ Many people who have decided to paint a room in their home have made the mistake of choosing a paint color that they really don’t like once they start painting. Sometimes they may decide to just go with it. Other times, they put the lid back on the paint and start again at square […]