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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

In the majority of the country, spring has most definitely sprung. Along with warmer weather and later sunsets comes the yearly urge to take advantage of the freshness of spring by doing some spring cleaning. Cleaning your entire apartment or house may seem overwhelming at first, but with these spring cleaning tips, you’ll have a clean and bright home in no time.

1: Go Room by Room

One of the most overwhelming parts of spring cleaning can be just how much there can be to do. Cleaning tasks pile up over the winter, leaving you with a seemingly endless list of cleaning tasks for every corner of your home. The best way to focus on the beginning and not get overwhelmed is to go about your spring cleaning one room at a time. Choose a room to start on and focus your checklist on that room alone. Getting one room completely clean will show you just how much of a difference spring cleaning can make and will encourage you to continue with the project rather than leaving it half-done.

2: Decide Your Strategy from the Beginning 

There’s nothing worse than getting into the cleaning groove only to find out that you’re missing cleaning products or paper towels. It’s even more annoying if you discover halfway through that your carpet is filthy enough that you want to rent a carpet cleaner – and the local hardware superstore doesn’t have any available. Deciding on your strategy from the beginning of your spring cleaning journey will prevent these and many other annoyances. You may even decide to hire professional help, which will be more beneficial if hired from the beginning. According to Father & Sons Cleaning Services, a company that offers commercial cleaning services in Atlanta, hiring a cleaning company can help you bring your cleaning strategy to fruition—or even help you create one if you’re feeling stuck. 

3: Clearing the Clutter is Key

One of the reasons to make spring cleaning an annual task is to clear away the clutter that’s built up over the holidays, the winter, and the rest of the year. Indeed, clearing the clutter is often one of the largest tasks facing you when you start spring cleaning. Approaching clutter strategically can help to clear it away and prevent it from building up again to the same degree. When you find a problem area that’s full of clutter, analyze why the clutter has built up in the first place and think up ways to remedy this. You can also sort through old items to see whether you really need all your stuff or if there are items you can throw away, give away, or donate.

4: Now’s the Time for Seasonal Chores

There are many chores that only need to be done once or twice a year, and the warmer weather offers the perfect opportunity to do them in the most comfortable way possible. Chores like cleaning both sides of window glass, spraying down siding, and cleaning off porches and patios need to be done once or twice a year and are most convenient in warmer weather. In addition, storing winter bedding, clothing, and decor can be done while you’re in cleaning mode to make an often procrastinated task get done.

5: Get the Whole Family Involved

Cleaning alone or only with your partner’s help can take a long time and be an annoying task. Getting the whole family involved will make spring cleaning go more quickly and will give you the opportunity to teach your children essential life skills. Even younger children can help with age-appropriate chores, and you can give older children checklists for cleaning their own rooms so that you have one less room to clean and your older kids have a sense of responsibility and pride. It doesn’t take much effort to make the upkeep of your home a point of pride for your whole family.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    I like the idea of getting the whole family involved, After all they helped make the mess..