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7 Tips for Preparing for Your Home Renovation

Transforming your home through renovations is an exciting process, but you need to make sure you prepare properly. If you’re planning on renovating your home soon, here are 7 tips to help ensure you’re prepared for your home renovation.

1. Take Stock of Your Belongings

The first step to a successful home renovation is taking stock of all your belongings. This allows you to get an estimated value of your assets for insurance purposes, helps you understand your storage needs, and gives you an opportunity to clear out any old belongings you no longer need.

2. Use What You Can

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or a bathroom, getting rid of old stuff makes renovations much easier. If you have any perishable food items or soaps and shampoos you need to use, do that before you renovate. Not only will you have fewer things to store, but it will also be easier to set your bathroom or kitchen up again after renovations. Alternatively, you can buy storage bins or boxes to store some of your belongings.

3. Find a Storage Solution

Renovating means clearing out part of your home, and all that stuff has to go somewhere when you move it. Before you start renovating, identify a storage solution that works for your needs. Temporary storage containers are a great solution if you’re looking for affordable, flexible storage during renovations. Since these storage containers are delivered to your home, you don’t even need to leave the house.

4. Upgrade Home Security

Your home can feel vulnerable during renovations, especially with all the contractors coming and going while you may or may not be home. Now is a good time to upgrade your home security system. You can install a safe for documents and valuables, a video doorbell, alarm systems, and more. Smart locking systems even allow you to temporarily unlock the door for contractors when you’re not home.

5. Keep Everything Organized

Renovations and remodels can be overwhelming, so keep everything organized digitally if you can. You can use a cloud storage platform to share ideas with family and contractors, plus you can convert images of receipts and contracts into PDFs that you can store on the cloud. You can even use a collaborative calendar or spreadsheet to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding renovations. The more organized you are, the easier it is to renovate your home.

6. Make a Plan for Appliances

Appliances are difficult to live without, but that’s exactly what most homeowners have to do during a remodel. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you won’t have a fridge to store food or a stove to cook it. This is why you need to make a plan to temporarily meet your kitchen appliance needs.

If you have a garage with plenty of space, you might want to move your fridge to the garage for a while. As far as cooking goes, outdoor grills are your best friend during kitchen renovations. Just make sure you’re plugging appliances into outlets that can handle them and practicing grill safety.

7. Clean Up

When you have contractors working on your home, it’s important that you create a safe work environment. If your house is a little messy, do some spring cleaning to clear a path from the entrance to the room contractors will be working in. Contractors will appreciate you and a clear path will help reduce the risk of injuries.

Preparing for renovations can seem overwhelming, but making a clear plan helps alleviate some of the stress. If you’re planning on renovating your home soon, follow these 7 tips to prepare for renovations and you’ll be just fine.


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    Perfect tips for my situation.