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4 Ways to Stay Fit and Active This Summer

Staying active is an ongoing process. It takes regular maintenance of the body and the mind to achieve optimal health. Even though we all know that keeping in good health is so important, it can still be challenging to maintain motivation, especially when it’s hot outside. Here are four suggestions to help you find stay fit and active this summer. 

  • Do What You Can

Sometimes people think that they have to exhaust themselves to be working out at an acceptable level. This leads to discouragement and a general lack of motivation. In reality, everyone is on their own fitness journey, and it’s impractical to expect someone new to exercise to keep up with celebrity trainers or athletes. 

Make a rule for yourself to exercise how you can. In yoga, the philosophy is “effort without strain.” People gradually improve their flexibility, posture, and strength by easing into poses. Yogis find that their bodies adjust to new positions over time, and they stop when they feel they are pushing too hard. Apply this philosophy to your exercise. 

Get the right gear to avoid injury, and if you want to try a new exercise, go slow. If you want to get into running, try running for a few minutes and walking the rest of the way. Let your body let you know when it’s time to amp things up. If you try running, get the right footwear. Check out athletic shoes for men to find durable options. 

  • Stay Hydrated and Replenished

If you’re exercising or just spending time outside in the sun, you need to stay hydrated. When you sweat, you lose minerals as well as water. Minerals are essential for the body, so replenishing them through electrolyte supplements is critical. 

If you are tough enough to go for a run in the summer heat, you especially need to replenish with nutrients. Minerals help fill in the gaps in our nutrition. When we get rid of these helpers, we don’t have much left to keep us energized! 

  • Don’t Eat Too Late

When we eat a big meal too soon before bedtime, the body does not have enough time to digest and reset itself for the next day. By the time you wake up, you’ll only be left feeling nauseated and acidic. You want to stop eating at least two hours before you’re going to bed to give your digestion the jumpstart it needs to break down your food. 

Poor digestion upon waking can cause you to feel lethargic and unmotivated to get out of bed. You’ll be less motivated to get active if you make this a habit. Try not to eat any later than 7 pm and see how you feel. 

  • Keep an Activity Log 

One of the biggest parts of staying healthy and active is holding yourself accountable for all you’re doing. Keep a fitness log or journal that tracks the exercises you complete each day. As you see the days add up, you’ll be proud of yourself for your commitment to exercise and feel even more motivated to continue. 

You can even track your nutrition and your macros if you want to include a food diary in your activity log as well. You might even consider making a list of your reasons to stay healthy. The more effort you put into your health, the more you’ll get out of it. 

Just because someone is running a marathon this summer doesn’t mean you can’t reach your own fitness goals. Move at your own pace, and you’ll feel accomplished with the commitment you’ve made to your fitness and overall health.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    I want to do goat yoga and your tips are good too.