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Our Halloween Traditions

Halloween Traditions

Tomorrow is the big day!

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays and every year we pretty much do it the same, but it’s always more fun when Halloween falls on the weekend.

Here are the things that have become a tradition in our home.

  1. I always buy candy that we will eat, our favorites. I’m thinking next year that I’m going to change this up because we usually end up eating it all before the 31st and I have to go buy more.
  2. We always go out as a family and trick or treat. However, there have been a few years where we have followed James in the car because we couldn’t trick or treat in our neighborhood and we had to drive.
  3. We always dump our candy in the middle of the living room so that I can inspect it and make sure it’s safe. Although the true reason behind this is so I can get all the Mary Janes and Bit O’Honey candies from my kids bag.
  4. We always match the brands and make piles: bubble gum, candy corn, lollipops, tootsie-rolls, etc.
  5. We always end the night with a mutually agreed upon scary movie!

What are some of your Halloween Traditions?

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Sounds like the perfect Halloween……….

  2. Sounds like a great night!

  3. Number 1 is so true!!
    My daughter is older now but we still watch Hocus Pocus!!

  4. I had to go out & buy candy AGAIN yesterday. Um, who opened that bag of Reese’s Cups?