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New Dining Option Opens at SeaWorld (with a twist!)


Even though, officially, Oktoberfest is at least a month away, SeaWorld has introduced their new hot pretzel venue. “Mama’s Hot Pretzel Kitchen” – and it’s a winner! All summer SeaWorld guests have looked from Shamu stadium wondering what was happening over there in that area – and it is now open for all SeaWorld Guests. From a place that was previously occupied by a seldom used arcade emerges a beautiful, brand new dining venue. The new building is third in a series of light dining options in the Shamu Stadium area with Polar Parlor Ice Cream and the Starbucks Coffee and Bakery in the same general vicinity which offers a variety of offerings.

The new “Mama’s Hot Pretzel Kitchen” lives up to its name. From the moment you arrive the style is very clean, and warmly inviting– reminiscent of a Bavarian kitchen from far away. This beautiful setting then beckons the hungry guest to indulge in one of the several treats which are temptingly displayed behind clear glass. This venue is set to feel like a leisurely walk through a fascinating place, however, it also allows for quick. efficient service for those looking for a substantial snack in preparation for viewing “One Ocean” at Shamu Stadium or watching the kids enjoy Shamu’s Happy Harbor. There are several nice new tables in the outdoor area however, where one can simply relax and enjoy the beautiful setting, reminiscent of Beer Gardens of long ago.


Of course, the main event is the hot pretzel – and executive chef Hector Colon nailed it right on the head. The pretzels are warm without being overcooked or a mass of doughy bread covered with salt. These pretzels are truly fresh and a delicious treat all on their own. But then, what is a good pretzel without a good twist (or two or three). Not only can you find a simple, delicious hot pretzel, but then there are a few more twists! There are two, never before seen, pretzel twists exclusive to SeaWorld Orlando, and well worth checking out.


First there is the Meatball Pretzel. A hot braid of Pretzel surrounding 3 moist and expertly done meatballs. It’s big enough to be a meal for one or a good sized snack for two. Couple it with the marinara sauce (one of several choices available), and it is a whole new playground for your taste buds. This pretzel alone is a game changer. This is one of those culinary delights that I am more than apt to go to SeaWorld just to enjoy one of these.


Then SeaWorld got me again with their other new signature pretzels – the mustard filled pretzel. Now to know me is to know I’m really a fan of mustard – yes, it does go on EVERYTHING. But now I don’t have to put the mustard ON my pretzel – it’s already in it – how crazy is that! Coupled with a little beer cheese dip and wow… heaven….



Of course there is a full complement of other pretzel creations. Those who are familiar with The Twisted Tail over at Busch Gardens in Tampa will recognize the Bacon pretzel braid which couples well with several of the sauces for such a unique and special taste. You can also find a Bratwurst and Hot Dog Pretzel versions – which again, I was very impressed at the high quality of actual food that goes into these items. There is also the Peperoni Pizza Pretzel which is much better than the one that I ordered a few weeks ago from a pizza place. This gave me such flavor in an individual pizza sized round pretzel braid.

Now,  I am positive that the question you have been wondering about – what goes with Pretzels… BEER. And Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen did not shy away from that fact. With EIGHT taps to choose from, it’s most definitely a beer taster’s paradise. SeaWorld Executive Chef Hector Colon shows great pride in his pretzel creations as well as his choice in amazing craft brews, cider, and adult beverages to go with his pretzel perfection. During my most recent visit I got a “flight” which gives you four sampling cups (approximately 4 ounces each) of your choice. I was particularly happy with my pairing of the Bimini IPA with my Bratwurst pretzel dipped in spicy brown mustard. It all mixed to be just a perfect combination. The “Summer Cider” also paired nicely with the sweet cinnamon pretzel. I especially liked the clear taste of apples with this particular cider as it brought me back to the days of my youth in the land of “Johnny Appleseed”. I also sampled the beach blond ale – so light and refreshing on a warm day. The last of my flight was a nice, truly frozen margarita. Salty pretzel, icy margarita, yes… it is a wonderful thing they have done… smile.
Pretzel CollageOf course, for those that do not imbibe there are options as well such as Coca-Cola products and an ICEE machine to cool that thirst. Annual Pass members will also note that their regular discount does apply at this venue – and you can’t beat the prices even before that discount so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

All in all, SeaWorld gets two slightly salty and sky high thumbs up on this new food venue. Whether you are at SeaWorld for the day or just a few hours, this is worth the trek to enjoy some of the best tasting food of any venue in Orlando. No doubt this is going to be one of my “must visits” and has set forth a whole new craving. See ya at SeaWorld – come hungry !!

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