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Getting Cash Back with PNC Purchase Payback

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

PNC Purchase Payback Starbucks

Start your day with a nice Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. Why not? You can earn 10% CASH BACK on delicious, handcrafted beverages with PNC Purchase Payback. Cha-ching!

My car is due an oil change so hubby went to AutoZone to pick up an oil filter and got 5% CASH BACK on the purchase using the PNC Bank Debit Card. Cha-ching!

While we were gone our home was protected by our security system with ADT where we were offered $100 CASH BACK for installing a new system with the PNC Purchase Payback using a PNC Credit Card. Cha-ching!

How much did it cost me for such awesome benefits? Nothing. These are all things we do and purchase on a day-to-day basis. Granted, offers vary and may be different for you, but they are all geared toward your normal spending habits and they require no coupons, no extra steps, just simply logging into my bank account and activating offers and using them before they expire. On occasion I will even use the app from my bank to make sure I’m not missing a savings while I’m out. It’s safe and secure and my bank totally supports the program. Where else are you going to get cash savings for making purchases you normally make? This is a true reward.

What would you do with the CASH BACK?

PNC  Purchase 1

Don’t bank at PNC? No worries! Contact your local financial institution to see if they offer a similar purchase payback program. You might just be surprised at how many banks out there do. It’s a great way to save money on purchases you already make and it doesn’t hurt to ask. If all else fails though you can alway come to PNC Bank and join the PNC Purchase Payback program offered with their Debit and Credit Cards.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I have a card that does that. It is a great way to save a little money. Be sure and ask your bank.

  2. That is such a great way to earn money. I am definitely looking into this so I can get cash back on all of those Starbucks drinks I get.

  3. Our bank has a cash back program that is great. I just wish the offers were better tailored to our actual purchases. This sounds great.

  4. What a great idea – Starbucks giving me cash back instead of taking all of mine. 🙂 My bank had a similar program, but they discontinued it. Boo.

  5. It’s really awesome to have a payback program. It really rewards your purchases and gives you a better deal when you shop.

  6. I love banks that give rewards! cash back or perks it’s always great to get a little thank you.

  7. This is a bonus if your bank does it. My bank has these rewards its awesome. I buy things and can apply to anything I want to purchase.

  8. I love cards with rewards like this! It’s a great way to get extra money to spend on fun things! I always look for rewards when I’m considering a new card!

  9. We have a cash back program that’s similar, but I can’t remember the percentage. 10% from PNC is an awesome cash back pay back!

  10. I have this exact card so I really need to look into this program. I am trying really hard to keep my spending in check this holiday seasons and earning rewards whenever I can.

  11. I love to shop online during the holidays so much easier then to deal with the crowds in the store!! Sounds like a great way to earn rewards!

  12. Savannah Miller says

    I love reward programs like this! SUch an easy way to earn a little cash back 🙂

  13. This is such a great idea. I like being rewarded for things I already do anyway!

  14. Wow! That sounds great! I’m definitely going to check this out.

  15. What a great way to earn money. We have the AA Advantage credit card and we have purchased a lot of airline travel with our accumulated miles.

  16. I’m always looking for ways to save money, and my bank has the 5% back on purchases. That is so cool. I’m going to ask though about this. Thanks for the idea.

  17. I love getting cash back! Our credit card gives us cash back too and I LOVE IT!

  18. My brother in law works for PNC. Definitely awesome to get more cash back, we certainly can use it!

  19. I need to pay more attention to cash back opportunities this holiday season! That’s another way for us to save money during his expensive time.