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We Don’t Need No Education #SaidNoSchoolEver

Education is so important and when funding is low or cut our schools need to be able to rely on us. Times have changed and what schools really need is for parents to start taking action. It isn’t that we have to donate millions of dollars or take the responsibility of funding the entire Arts program. It’s small things we can be doing that make a huge difference like partaking in the Hefty® Box Tops for Education program.

Hefty Box Tops

What was school like when you were young?

I can remember that when I was young my parents didn’t have to supply and school supplies other than a pencil, pen, paper, and folders. They never sent me to school with facial tissue, antiseptic wipes, food storage bags, or other things that the teachers need to get through the year of teaching. We also got school books, all of us. We didn’t share books or have to leave them in the classroom for others to use. We got to bring our books home to do homework and decorate our books with fancy book covers or brown paper bags. During the day we went to Music class and played instruments such as the recorder. We got to go to Art class and throw on smocks to get paint all over ourselves while we created masterpieces. However, today there are a lot of schools out there that don’t offer these same things we took for granted to our children because they can’t afford it.

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I know in my county they are even trying to make it mandatory that each child do a year of “virtual school” before graduation to cut back on costs and over-crowded classrooms. Eventually our children will never leave the computer screen and that’s a scary thing if you think about it. I would much rather cut a few boxes  and safe a few Box Top coupons then to have my child miss out on all the things that going to school enriches his life with.  Hefty is the only trash bag that supports Box Tops for Education and since they just so happen to be awesome, they are the only brand we use!

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My son will graduate the Class of 2022 and I am thankful to brands like Hefty® that take the time to make education a priority. For every Box Tops coupon we bring in to our school they get 10 cents and each year they can earn up to $20,000 to use for new computers, Art supplies, new instruments for Music, or whatever else they need the money for! It takes some of the burden off us but it also gives so much to our children.

Check out the Hefty® Box Tops #SaidNoSchoolEver YouTube video: http://clvr.li/heftyschool

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Hefty is the only brand I use. Nice to know they support something like this.

  2. Is it just me who read the title of your post in that old song tunes? 😀
    It’s always great to see brands supporting schools. Bravo!

  3. Education is so important! My mom is a teacher and I love when companies like Hefty take the extra steps to make education a priority <3

  4. Education is so important I agree!

  5. I remember those days when I was growing up. We didn’t have to supply the classrooms with all the necessities either. I think it’s great that Hefty is supporting the education system. I’ve always collected box tops to help my local schools.

  6. I had no idea that kids had to share books and take Kleenex to school. Guess I’m really sheltered living here in Costa Rica. In the public schools here we certainly have a long list of supplies to buy, including mandatory uniforms, but certainly no hand sanitizer or teacher items.

  7. I love everything about Box Tops. They provide so much for public schools. It’s great what they’re doing. (You can even find them on lettuce packages now!!)

  8. It’s wonderful that Hefty is supporting such an important cause! I don’t remember having to supply all these things when I was in school. We love using Hefty products!

  9. Now I am signing. We don’t need no thought control.

    I remember when parents didn’t have to send any supplies for the teacher. Glad Hefty is trying to help out.

  10. This is a great campaign for schools to help get some much needed resources! Way to go Hefty!

  11. Wow this is such a great program.

  12. Box Tops really do add up. It’s great Hefty is helping! My son is also graduating in the class of 2022!

  13. Glad to know that Hefty is joining the bandwagon in helping out our schools. They need all the help they can get.

  14. So happy to hear that they support this. Schools need all the help that they can get. I’ll be sure to look for Hefty in stores. Thanks for sharing about it.

  15. I’m obsessed with Box Tops! My mom is a 3rd grade teacher, and the class with the most Box Tops gets a pizza party at the end of the year , so I try to help her out and cut as many as possible!

  16. Education is so important! None of us should ever stop learning, but it has to start early. Love that Hefty is supporting that!

  17. christina aliperti says

    My nieces love collecting box tops. They look for them when we are grocery shopping and they are so happy to bring them to school.

  18. As a former teacher straight out of grad school I hadn’t realize how much of their own money teachers put in for classroom supplies. I’ve over heard parents complain about not wanting to purchase supplies for the class community despite knowing that many other parents can’t afford it. Box tops are a great way to help with the expenses that arise