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My Holiday Wish List

My Holiday Wish List

Guess what?

My birthday is coming up. It’s December 2nd and I’m going to be a “Beyonce 35 years old“! But more importantly, Christmas is right around the corner and I know how much all my readers always want to send gifts, so this year I decided to make it easier on you all. I’ve set up a My Holiday Wish List on Amazon where you can purchase whatever you want and have it sent directly to my home! Many of the items are Amazon Prime items too so you don’t have to worry about the shipping costs! You don’t even need my address, that information is all included. So, what are you waiting for?

Get Shopping!

My list consists of things as low as $9 and as high as $2400.

How well do you know me? What do you think is on my list? Take a guess.

surface book

If you guessed my big ticket item is the Surface Book by Microsoft you guessed right!  Granted I am a Microsoft Blogger and I got an awesome Surface Pro 2 this  year but hubby took it as soon as he saw it, so I need the Surface Book! It is a do-it-all high-performance 13.5” laptop with killer built-in Pen functionality lets you write on the screen in laptop mode, or on the detachable screen that turns into a clipboard, Surface Book is built for creativity and anything else that comes its way. How can you argue that?


If you guess I asked for things for my kitchen you would be right there too. I have a zillion rubber scrapers but for whatever reason my other utensils seem to disappear and I love bamboo. So I asked for this great bamboo utensil set. I love all the bamboo stuff and it really is time for me to replace my kitchen wares.  If you want I also have a nice set of cookware by Rachel Ray that I would love to have…

Regardless of what you decide to get me I just want to let you know that I totally appreciate it and I’ll be happy to give you a shout out too if you include a gift card!  Have fun shopping My Holiday Wish List!

Happy Holidays!

This post was written in fun (but you really can purchase anything on the list and I wouldn’t complain). Affiliate links have been included and I am a Microsoft Blogger.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Enjoy those scrapers…lol