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Wordless Wednesday Mole with Linky

Found this cute little critter out by the road this weekend.  James cried when we let him go.

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  1. I was scared at first. Thought it was going to be a big old spider haha. But that is one cute mole!

  2. Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World says

    He is TINY!

  3. stevebethere from bethere2day says

    Yes it is tiny and with fascinating claws lol 🙂

  4. Aww it is so cute, but known to do some damage, we don’t have any where I live but my BIL does and says they are killer on his veggie garden.

  5. Their feet are so funny!!!!

  6. GROSS!

  7. OK he creeps me out!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday, I am following! 🙂

  8. Oh you found the kind that actually have eyes! they love to eat your garden & lawn from below…. bwahahahaa

  9. hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  10. I hope we don’t find many mice in my home this fall! James can have any we do find. lol

  11. he’s adorable. love his little feet!