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Lumpia Recipe: Filipino Eggroll

For those of you who don’t know – I am half Filipino. Although I was not raised by my biological dad (he is 100% Filipino), I still enjoy the Asian flavors of the culture. I wanted to share this recipe. Please don’t let it seem overwhelming…it isn’t difficult and it sure is YUMMY!

Man Cave: Recap of 2014 – What a Year!

Recap of 2014 – What a year! This year was absolutely amazing for me. I traveled to a whole lot of really interesting and beautiful places, met new people, distanced myself from people I needed out of my life, and made a lot of changes for the better. Although I’ve experienced a lot of “ups” there […]

Wordless Wednesday Back In Time with LINKY

The antique pony pictures…remember those?

A Love Letter to My Son

Happy 7th Birthday James.

Wordless Wednesday Peaceful Pier in Santa Barbara with LINKY

On the east coast whenever you go to a restaurant near the ocean you find hundreds of seagulls begging for food.

Wordless Wednesday Mole with Linky

Found this cute little critter out by the road this weekend.  James cried when we let him go. Share your Wordless Wednesday with everyone!

Wordless Wednesday Life’s a Beach

Went to the lake with @StacieinAtlanta….

Meatloaf For People Who Hate Meatloaf Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate meatloaf. I always have. It tastes like someone threw everything they had in the fridge and mixed it into something that resembles dog food. I tasked myself with coming up with a recipe that wouldn’t make me gag and what I came up with turned out to be one of my families most favorite meals of all time.