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Buying Local with Wholeshare Buying Club

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wholeshare.


Granted I live just on the outskirts of Orlando, a huge city with a decent population,  but for whatever reason they don’t have  any grocery stores in my area that carries a nice selection of organic, raw, or foods that are clean.  The nearest W–le F–ds is over 40 minutes from my door and well, I just hate having to go that far to buy groceries. Actually, I’m not a fan of leaving my home at all to go grocery shopping. When Wholeshare reached out to me to check out their site I was intrigued.

I remember hearing a lot about food co-ops and have always been intrigued by them, so when I saw that Wholeshare offered a component similar I thought it would be a great way to save money and get healthy food while possibly getting to know those in my community better. It’s an option, but not a requirement to grow your Wholeshare online marketplace as a community so if that isn’t your thing, don’t let it scare you off.  I just happen to see the cost benefit of it.

Maybe I’m a little late to the game as they were already featured on Mashable as a “genius idea” for buying local and in Inc. Magazine’s 2015 Best Industries growth report as a part of the food movement.

 Wholeshare Products

The membership is free. This online system makes purchases for food buying clubs quite easy and living in an area like this where there aren’t a lot of co-ops out there this is a great opportunity.  The products aren’t obscure or things you aren’t already using in your home, but you can find some that are if you are looking for things like that. I personally plan on taking advantage of the Group Share feature where you buy bulk on items you use to cut back on the price, but then you divvy up the expense across your community and split the cost and product.

Although I’m not a Wholeshare expert I have learned some great stuff and within a day or so of signing up I got a call from Rob who reached out to answer any questions I had and to help me get started. No high pressure sales, just a nice friendly guy who wanted to see if he could help grow my community or give me some tools to use to let others in Osceola County know I started the group.

Do you like saving money? Have you belonged to a co-op before?

Want to join Wholeshare and get started?

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  1. What an interesting idea. We haven’t done a co-op before but we live on 6 acres and grow a lot of our own food.

  2. I’ve got to check into this for gluten free products. It’s so hard to find them close to where i live.

  3. I’ve never heard of Wholeshare but it sounds like a great service. I like that the products are not obscure, but that they’re stuff we’re using already!

  4. I’ve never heard of Wholeshare before — it sounds like a great way to shop for healthy foods for a great price! I’ve never been part of a co-op before either, but I’ve heard great things 🙂

  5. Mary Ambrosino says

    It sounds like an excellent idea. Is this only in your area?

  6. I’ve never been part of any type of food co-op, but it sounds like a wonderful idea. And not having to go to the grocery store as much sounds heavenly.

  7. My sister in law belongs to a co-op and absolutely loves it. I will have to look into options around me to see if there are healthier or more affordable ways to stick to my food budget.

  8. I received a box from Wholeshare & I was really impressed with the selection. There were lots of my favorite brands.

  9. This is such a great idea! I use ACV so much around the house. and going to stores has become lousy these days. will try it

  10. This sounds like a great concept. Several people in my area belong to coops, and they really enjoy it. I’ll have to look into this more.

  11. Francisca Ramos says

    There is actually a group in Wholeshare that is near my area. I am going to check group and find out all about it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. You can really save a lot on bulk purchases. It’s really nice that they have a wholesale buying club where you can get good deals.

  13. I’ve heard about this before but never really looked into it! I will have to because it sounds great!

  14. oh wow! i’d never heard of this before! checking this out now

  15. We’re in the same boat with no Trader Joe’s or WF in our area. I will look into this and see if its offered in our area. Thanks for the heads up.


  16. I’m really glad to learn about wholeshare buying club. I always try to buy local to help support those in my area.

  17. it will be a good practice to go local in support of local small scale business, which is probably consists of mums keeping a small enterprise at home just so they can earn extra $$ while keeping an eye on the kids. Should be great to start practicing this during our Christmas gift shopping!

  18. Well this is a new concept to me! Its cool that the membership is FREE!