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Hormel Always Tender Makes Dinner as Easy as EZCook

I cook a lot. Over the years I have really spoiled my family and being creative gets tougher and tougher. Hormel Always Tender EZCook has been a blast to use these past two weeks and it has made my life a lot easier.  Whether you are at home or in the store their EZCook application is a cinch.  Not only does the application provide you recipes for various cuts of meat, but it gives you printable shopping lists, nutritional information, servicing size, and a bunch of other helpful things such as ease of preparation.

The Menu

If you are at the store or at home you can pull a code off whatever Hormel product you are interested in cooking and enter it or just choose your product.  There are a bunch of different Hormel products to choose from including bone-in and boneless cuts of meat.

The Recipe

Say you are at the store and you find a Hormel Always Tender Boneless Chef’s Prime Roast on sale, but have no idea how to make it.  Simply pull up this cut in the drop down menu and you will find this mouth watering recipe.  Notice how you have the option to chose how many servings you want to make?  It automatically updates your shopping list with quantities necessary for your serving size.  At the bottom of the screen you have the option to print your shopping list.

The Shopping List

You can either print or email your shopping list.  My favorite thing about the list is it is already broken down for you as to the location in the grocery store.  How much easier could it be?

Nutritional Information

Your health is important.  When designing the new Hormel EZCook application they remembered to include a bunch of information on nutritional value of the dish.  Each recipe comes complete with product and recipe nutritional information so you can decide if it meets your families needs.

My personal favorite part of the site is that the recipe has step-by-step instructions complete with photos and it is totally adjustable (serving size) to your particular needs.  I know when I first started cooking I wasn’t sure what all the various cuts of meat were and what they were used for, but EZCook takes all the guess work out of the meal.

Disclosure: I received a stipend and product coupons from Hormel Foods to cover the cost of my groceries for my EZ Cook inspired meal. I am also entered to win a $500 gift card for writing this post.


  1. I like that they include the nutritional information also!

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    What a great idea. I am going to try the pork roast tomorrow night for dinner. Yum….

  3. YUMMY~ Thanks for sharing, that recipe looks tastyfied.


  4. Your posts are making me hungry – will you come cook for us?? I’m going to try your recipe

  5. This is very interesting. We love hormel products and did not know about their EZCook service.

  6. Since I have kids sometimes home and sometimes in college, I LOVE that you can adjust the serving sizes. Thanks for sharing!

  7. As a Hormel stockholder, I really appreciate that you picked this website. More profits for Hormel, better dividends for me.