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The Lily Present and Past Wordless Wednesday LINKY

This is a picture of a picture…my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding picture from the Philippines.  Her bouquet of lilies are so beautiful and so is she….

Grandma and Grampa Wedding

I noticed when visiting my Dad in California this was growing in his backyard.

The Lone Lily

What type of flowers did you have at your wedding?



  1. I had roses and peonys! I love the lily. They are elegant.

  2. how neat – very special!

  3. WOW – she was/is BEAUTIFUL. I love lilies but I am so allergic to them (sigh).

    • LOL she was beautiful….

      Just wanted to tell you I watched some video of you this morning. You have a beautiful voice!

  4. That is so pretty!!! Her expression was so peaceful. 🙂

    • You can’t tell but the original photograph was HUGE – a couple feet tall. I wish I could have it scanned…lol

  5. Beautiful wedding picture and a beautiful flower!

  6. What an awesome picture of your grandparents. How special!

  7. Lilies are just gorgeous. Your grandparent make a very nice couple! I love her bouquet!

  8. I love Calla Lilies and had them as a theme at my wedding. There is something so peaceful and forever feeling about them.

  9. seriously beautiful !

  10. That is so sweet. My wedding flowers were the Calla Lily and my daughters name is Lily. i loved this post!

  11. I love the old photo, and that I can see your reflection in the photo too!!

    My first wedding, haha, white roses.

    My second? No flowers. We eloped in a chapel on top of a mountain, just us and a pastor, no one else, no flowers, we were both wearing blue jeans.

  12. Great pictures. I love lilies.

  13. I love seeing old wedding photos – your grandmother was a beautiful bride! The lily is gorgeous too!

  14. That’s really cool. I love old photos.

  15. How beautiful 🙂

  16. I love old pictures

  17. that is a lovely picture Lisa! what a special way to remember someone, through a flower. Your grandmother was a lovely woman

  18. I love old family photographs. Reminds us how lucky were are to be here.

  19. Beautiful 🙂 I’ve always loved lilies
    Happy WW!

  20. how special to have that photo! so many get lost or ruined over time. that is a pretty Calla lily in your dads yard too. I wonder if they were planted for your grandmother?

  21. Cute 🙂

  22. Beautiful pictures! I love the simplistic beauty of lillies.

  23. Such a great picture of your grandparents – very special to have! And I love the calla lilies too!

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  26. Wow, your Grandparents are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing this photo!


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