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The Hallmark of Mens’ Business Fashion: Keep It Simple Stupid

The Hallmark of Mens’ Business Fashion: Keep It Simple Stupid

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You come into work one day and see a fellow dressed to the nines. I mean, he was wearing nice black Boss pants and very fashionable S!R dress shirt from Eddie Edwards.

You see the guy and think, “Wow, maybe I should try dressing better for work.”

And so, the sight of the fashionable guy puts your plan into motion. You hit Google for mens business fashion tips… and come up empty. Then, you wonder, “how do I start dressing better for work, anyway?”

While you can hobble into work wearing the latest fashionable clothing, there’s a problem with that. Two problems, actually. First, you might not be able to afford that clothing. And, let’s not forget the fact that the hallmark of business fashion is KISS: keep it simple stupid.

The hallmarks of business fashion for men

Sure, it’s easy enough to find something that looks good enough for work, but does your company think it looks good enough? Companies have dress codes for a reason, you know.

Ultimately, men should focus on creating a professional aura. A cool aura. And, an aura that will make people want to follow. That’s how smart businessmen manage to be successful. Naturally, part of their success lies in their dashing and fashionable looks.

To keep this article simple, let’s look at a few hallmarks of business fashion for men:

  1. Wear clothes that fit. This should be in capital letters—that’s how important it is. Clothes that don’t fit look loose, sloppy and, ultimately, unprofessional. Get clothes that fit or take that suit to a tailor ASAP.
  2. Love the basics. Dress pants, shirts and ties in solid colors and shades work best. Don’t head to work with that loud paisley pattern in tow. It’s too distracting, loud and you’ll probably attract unwanted attention.
  3. Keep it conservative and match. Match your clothing by color or shade. The point of having a great professional look is always looking consistent. One of the biggest aspects of dealing with business matters is that people always ‘expect the expected.’ Apply that principle to your fashion.

Sure, dressing for business might seem a little drab, but it’s pretty important if you want look professional in professional settings.

Take your time to look professional, keep that look simple and lose the brand name pretense. Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good for business. The respect you could have had with a professional look is the only expense lost here. So, take our advice and try creating your new look today.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Just remember business casual does not mean jeans. It usually means light khaki pants and a casual collared shirt.