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Date Night Outfits for Guys

Date Night Outfits for Guys


It’s fair to say that men have simple tastes when it comes to their everyday look and this goes for special occasions too. A basic jeans and shirt combo may not sound too fancy but these are easily dressed up with certain accessories such as a designer timepiece by the likes of Watches 2U.

Men may sometimes prefer function over style but it’s very simple to have both without appearing as if you’ve tried too hard. Need something that’s versatile enough for the movies and an elegant dinner date? Here are some great ideas for date night outfits that promise to do the job.


On a pre-planned anniversary date, it’s more than likely that your partner will choose to dress quite formally. Because of this, you won’t want to arrive under-dressed in khaki shorts and your favourite band tee. You can still compliment your partner’s semi-formal style and stay true to yourself with the help of some well-placed accessories. A skinny black tie or statement belt lets her know you mean business, as will a stylish hat. This helps if you wind up on a unique date night outdoors such as an evening picnic.


Dinner at a fancy restaurant doesn’t have to mean a three piece suit. Just take a casual approach to the traditional suit and tie and work it into something casual. A look that requires minimal effort (but will score you huge brownie points in style terms) is a shirt and cardigan combo. What’s more, you can wear it in two different ways depending on the season, mood etc. Wear an un-buttoned cardigan over a crisp fitted shirt or pair a dark pullover with a white collar shirt for smart and youthful style. This creates a happy medium between not quite a suit and far more effort than a t-shirt!


An outfit you wear to a club or bar obviously needs to be comfortable enough to dance in, so how do you find a balance between smart and shabby? Dark jeans and a slim fit blazer may the perfect compromise. Dark wash jeans give you the appearance of smart trousers in a club, making you look every inch the dapper gent. Pair these with a dark shirt and fitted blazer for the ultimate smart style cheat. Opt for jersey and cotton mix blazers to provide the ultimate in sophisticated comfort next time you hit the clubs.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Very good fashion advice. I will distribute the rules among all my grandsons.