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Glenn Jones: Premier of Bergen County Farewell

Glenn Jones: Premier of Bergen County Farewell


(Photo Credit: http://www.folkradio.co.uk)

Glenn Jones, folk guitarist and member of Cul de Sac is at it again, with the UK premier of Bergen County Farewell to be followed by the album release of My Garden State that is scheduled to be out on May 4th 2013. Jones released 9 albums with Cul de Sac before his solo career even began, Jones was already a legend in the Folk music community. His solo work has only added to his credentials and his fan base.

Jones consistently draws inspiration from a style cultivated by John Fahey, who created a label for those with an interest in guitar that goes beyond the status quo. Many see his finger-work to be that of a prodigy and are drawn to the minimalist sound he produces. There is a depth to his sound that touches his audience and brings them to a new dimension of experience. His latest album is sure to keep his listeners happy, giving them more than they could possibly have expected. Or maybe they did. Either way, his fans will not be disappointed.

Bergen County Farewell, was filmed by Jesse Sheppard in New Jersey, which is also where the rest of the album was recorded. Jones had been spending time in New Jersey tending to his mother who is suffering for Alzheimer’s. Inspiration for the album was drawn from his mother, as well as the place he called home during his youth. While the UK video premier is exciting, fans are looking forward to the Album release of My Garden State and it is understandable why.

musical genius at the very least, Glenn has stated that he didn’t find his own voice until he was in his thirties, which is a time many of us find ourselves, so it is no surprise that up until that point he feels he was utilizing the voices of others. His fans loved him before and as he has grown into the mature artist he is today, his following has continued to grow. His capabilities within music make me curious to know where his limits truly end. As his ability to produce are above and beyond that of the norm I am consumed by the thoughts that his brain must work in a similar way in all realms of his life. Is he potentially a mathematical genius as well?

For most people intelligence is viewed on different levels. Math and Science go hand in hand as do art and music. This is clearly untrue as musical pieces are read in a similar manner to math symbols. Each piece representing a fraction of the final composition. Every piece of music is separated into bars, or measures. Each section represents an equal amount of time. Beats are divided within each bar into equal portions. Perhaps Jones could have chosen any way to share his mental gifts with the world, but his fans are obviously thankful with his choice.

If you find yourself inspired by this amazing talent but are struggling to find your own voice or maybe you are struggling to read and produce music, it is possible that you have not found the relation between math and music. Maybe, you also struggle in the area of numbers, while music lessons will aid you in learning the notes and symbols, in order to compose the masterpiece you have been trying to create, you need to grasp the ability to understand numbers. It is possible that if you are able find math tutors who are also musically inclined, the success you have been hoping for could be right around the corner.

For now it is safe to say that Glenn Jones has no limits. His genius is clearly that of a musical mind, but without an ability to see things on a deeper level, it seems his potential has yet to find an end. He has been satisfying those with a love for folk music for decades and he has a need for excellence that he shares through a sound that no other has been able to emulate.

 Guest post by Becky W.


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    Glenn Jones, folk guitarist and member of Cul de Sac is at it again, with the UK premier of Bergen County…