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Travel: Discovering Missouri

This post brought to you by Missouri Division of Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been all over the country, but for some reason I have missed the central part of the US.  I’ve been to California several times.  Lived in Texas, New York, Florida, and Georgia but for some reason I have never been to Missouri and its surrounding states.  I’ve done some research now and have decided it’s time to discover that part of the USA and add it to my bucket list!

Discovering Missouri

Since adding Missouri to my bucket list I decided to highlight some of the things we, as a family, have added to our itinerary for our trip (someday).  We used the VisitMO.com site to come up with a great virtual itinerary.

The Great Outdoors

Where better to start, right? The country photos I found are just breathless.  I can see our family floating with the current on the River Van Buren.  Can’t you?  Did you know that Missouri has over 50 state parks?  Floating on the river isn’t your thing?  We have no fear you can hike or bike the 225-mile Katy Trail!  There is something for every outdoor enthuisist from scuba diving to horseback riding.

Historical Missouri

Since I’m a fan of historical sites and things like that I reverted back to my childhood to the days of Little House on the Praire and added the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historical Home and Museum to my wishlist.  My husband, who was born and raised in Georgia was surprised to find so many different Civil War sites in Missouri, but they have a ton of choices for enthusiasts.

For the Kids

No worries, there is something for everyone in Missouri and the kids have tons to choose from and many are FREE!  Visiting the Saint Louis Zoo is a must (FREE) and Grant’s Farm is very cool (also FREE) but did you know that Kansas City is Travel & Leisure’s #10 best cities for PIZZA!  The kids will be happy to sample all the pizza parlors in town to find the best.

For the Adults

No vacation is a vacation if we don’t plan some time for romance and adult fun.  A day discovering the wineries is a great way to start.  The idea of tasting tours at the Chaumette Vineyards is ideal – massage at the spa and wine. But least not we forget the nightlife.  What better way to end an evening than to enjoy some Jazz in Kansas City?

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  1. Great post. I never would have thought about Missouri as a destination to travel to so it’s good they’re bringing bloggers like you on board to help us see its beauty.

  2. I’ve heard nice things about Missouri, and I’d love to be in a hot air balloon like in the video!

  3. I would NEVER have considered Missouri as a vacation spot, but it looks beautiful.

  4. Mary Ambrosino says

    Thanks for bringing this great vacation spot to our attention. It sounds beautiful.

  5. I’d love to go to Missouri and see Laura Ingllas Wilder’s house. I’ve seen her home in South Dakota, but not Missouri.

  6. I have never though of Missouri as a travel destination, but WOW! It looks like its full of fun stuff to do!

  7. I haven’t been to Missouri in a long time…this makes me want to go back! Thanks!

  8. Wow! I am really surprised by how much there is to do for families! Hubs was at Fort Leonard Wood for a bit with the Army, I wish I had known about all this then!

  9. We visited St. Louis, Missouri two years ago and the kids are STILL talking about it. I will never forget the moment when they saw the arch coming over the horizon. The oohing and aahing started and the electronics were cut off immediately. The Lewis and Clark Museum under the Gateway Arch is a perfect companion for this landmark. I wrote several articles about our trip through there on the way to Chicago.

    I would love to explore more of Missouri!

  10. I’ve never been! Except for one really awful layover in St. Louis. We’ve talked about going, though…seems like there’s lots for the kids to do and it’s not too far from us.

  11. Oh Missouri, you’re such a lovely place. I can’t wait to explore your beauty real soon.


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