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The Gift of Time: Buying the Perfect Watch for your Loved One

 The Gift of Time: Buying the Perfect Watch for your Loved One 

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While the unique spirit of Valentine’s Day is alive and well in 2014, it is not clear whether there is enough romance being shared across the remaining 364 days each and every year. A detailed survey by London events management firm Chillisauce recently explored this phenomenon, and while it discovered that Valentine’s Day was indeed considered to be the romantic day of the year there are was an alarming apathy towards romance and love throughout the remainder of the calendar year.

This seems like a shame, as there is never a wrong time to show your partner that you love them with a romantic gift or gesture. From a female perspective, buying a watch is the ideal way of treating a male companion, although the wide range of choice makes this a challenging past time. With this in mind, you should consider the following points before making a decision: –

 Identify Reputable Retail Outlets

 As a first port of call, you must make sure that you are dealing with renowned and reputable jewelers or retailers. Not only must they have an established business that is fully registered and compliant, for example, but they must also have authorisation to sell the branded watches at their disposal. High quality retailers such as the British Watch Company provide a relevant case in point, as they are fully accredited and offer a guarantee for every single product that they sell to the consumer market.

 Choose your Metal

 In terms of watch types and designs, the metal used to craft the timepiece is of particular importance. As a general rule, fine watches are either 14 or 18 carat gold, while others are manufactured in platinum and various combinations of these two precious materials. If you are looking to purchase a designer watch made from one of these metals, you will need to verify that they are genuine before you make an initial investment. In the contemporary market, it is possible to identify more affordable products made from white gold or non-metal materials, but this depends entirely on your budget and the design preferences of the recipient.

 Strive to Understand the Technological Components of your Watch

 More than 90% of the modern product range is Quartz, which means that they are relatively low-maintenance and easy to operate. Not only do they not require winding or special attention, but they can also be easily powered by a quartz crystal and a readily accessible battery. This makes Quartz watches easily repairable should they be damaged, while the integrated circuit is also long-lasting and durable over a period of at least three years. If you do decide to venture outside of this market and purchase a classic mechanical timepiece, you must be aware that these watches are more costly and often comprise of up to 130 individual components.