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The Gift of Alcohol and how to Make it a Special Present

The Gift of Alcohol and how to Make it a Special Present

Gift of alcohol

When it comes to gifts you can never go wrong with alcohol, and it is suitable for birthdays, Christmas, mothers day, fathers day, anniversaries and any other celebration too. Alcohol is a great gift because it is seen as a bit of a treat, and if you were to give the recipient something interesting and a bit different than just a nice bottle of wine then it will show some thought and effort has been put in. Even those that do not drink much can still benefit greatly from having a range of alcohol in the house, so it is always a suitable and much loved gift idea.

What you buy will depend on the person though, and there are certain tips that you should follow when giving alcohol as a present. One great idea though is to buy a collection of miniature bottles instead of just one bottle, and this way you can get a range of different drinks which makes it a bit more interesting and you will be able to get some alternative and new drinks. You could get them a few of what you know they like, whiskey for example, and then a range of liqueurs, tequila, rum or any other kind. You could even buy a range for the two of you to try together, and when you do this you have got them a gift as well as an experience that the two of you can share, and these are always the best kind of presents.

All Kinds of Excellent Gift Sets

There are suppliers of miniatures, such as www.justminiatures.co.uk, and places like this will have an enormous range of mini bottles for you to choose from. On top of this, a lot of these suppliers will also have gift sets for you to consider which will come in unique boxes and tins which look great as a present. So if you have a birthday or any other kind of celebration coming up and you are already beginning to struggle with gift ideas then consider a collection of miniatures, and this is something that you cannot go wrong with. Alcohol is always a good gift, but it is particularly good when you can introduce someone to a new drink or a range of different drinks, and they are sure to appreciate the thought and effort that you have put in to their present.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I always make it a hostess gift and an integral part of a gift basket.