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Freshen up: Ideas for a Rejuvenating Spring Clean

Freshen up: Ideas for a Rejuvenating Spring Clean

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Making minor adjustments to your home throughout the year will satisfy you for a while, treating your home to a thorough spring clean will leave a smile on your face for years to come. If like many, you dread the notion of cleaning and de-cluttering, try to visualize your home at its best – as the very picture of organization and cohesive style, with everything in its rightful place.

Your home is your pride and joy – with a little time and effort you can make it a pleasure to be part of and share with others. The following ideas show you how to unlock your home’s potential with a spring clean.

 A Transformed interior

Transforming your home’s decor may suggest a hefty budget but you can easily make a change using a few low-cost techniques. For instance, spring is all about the light and bright so you could consider making as little or as many of the following seasonal changes to suit your budget:

  • Give each room a fresh, light coat of paint (either in full or in the form of wall art),
  • Inject color with new furnishings – anything from drapes and seat cushions to bright bed throws will give a great pop of color and a fresh spring flavor to your home.
  • Create space with multi-functional furniture such as shelved coffee tables or hollowed stools and benches.
  • Or simply place a vase of fresh flowers in each room.

 An inviting Garden

There are so many ways to revive your garden from pleasant to picture perfect in the spring. The winter has thawed, making way for a vibrant and colorful outdoor space so take the time to give your garden personality by planting a gorgeous spring flower bed.

Elsewhere, make use of your main garden area by installing a patio deck and an awning for the perfect outdoor retreat to entertain guests and unwind in the warm months ahead. The effort you make now to breathe new life into your garden will encourage everyone to make more use out of it throughout the year. For instance, kids will appreciate a bright, welcoming space to play out and may spend more time outdoors in general as a result.

Spring cleaning restorations and home touch-ups usually require more than a few tools so if you need a place for your home and gardening equipment, keep them safe and organized in a beautiful garden shed. Sheds and Things stock a wide range of beautiful garden shed designs in all shapes and sizes to suit every garden type. Complement your spring cleaning efforts with an attractive shed, the stylish way to store your DIY tools and keep your house a home.