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You Gotta Fight For Your Write with BIC

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fight for your write

You Gotta Fight For Your Write with BIC, so make your pledge today to save handwriting. I’ve been seeing it on the news, on Facebook, and other places over the past few years but now it has infiltrated our schools. Granted we type more today than ever but to not teach cursive and to stop handwriting? I say NO! I admit I write a lot less than I did when I was  younger and my handwriting suffers. It’s an art, handwriting, something you should practice every day. I’ve started incorporating it more into my life as well as my son’s. I’ve given him a small notebook and have encouraged him to write something in it everyday, a journal of sorts. I remember my diary being one of my prized possessions growing up. Did you have a diary?

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You can take the pledge and be eligible to WIN a $1,200 BIC Prize Pack to help your family write more at home. No Purch Necessary, U.S. only, 18+. Ends 9/14/2015.

For details and full rules visit www.bicfightforyourwrite.com

What’s your instrument of choice?

For me there is nothing like a mechanical pencil. My youngest son is the same way but unfortunately his teachers fought him tooth and nail up until last year. For whatever reason they wouldn’t allow him to use mechanical pencils. Our family favorite are the BIC mechanical pencils. Not only do they make #2 pencil leads but they come in so many fun variations.

BIC Mechanical Pencil Varities:

  • Xtra-Strong
    • Break-resistant leads
    • Perfect for students
  • Xtra-Shine
    • Shiny, light-reflecting design
    • 1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
  • Xtra-Sparkle
    • Sparkly, fun designs
    • 1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
  • Xtra-Life
    • 1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
    • Smooth writing, lead erases cleanly
  • Xtra-Precision
    • Precise, sharp and clean lines
    • Supports neat penmanship
  • Xtra-Comfort
    • Comfortable soft grip
    • 1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
  • Xtra-Craze
    • Intense Designs
    • Strong Leads

 Here are some of the other ways we have incorporated more writing into our family and everyday lives.

  1. We’ve started creating lists and stopped using the computer and our phones. Need something at the store? Write it on the list.
  2. We’ve started incorporating some fun writing games into our game night.  My favorite is the “alphabet game” where you pick categories and race against each other for each random letter of the alphabet to think of words in each category before your opponent calls “time”. My sister and I played this all the time when we were young and I learned a lot of great words playing this game.
  3. We started writing letters. Grandma and grandpa live far away and there is nothing they love more than getting a handwritten letter from us!



It’s BIC Mechanical Pencil’s 30th birthday, and they are having a “surprise 30th birthday” Sweepstakes.

Visit the BIC Pen Pals Facebook Page and be sure to enter!

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Do you still write?

Follow the conversation with BIC using the hashtag #BICFightForYourWrite      


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I cannot imagine why they would not still teach cursive writing. I write letters to my friends rather than email or call quite often. It gives us something to look forward to. Don’t make it a lost art.