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Wordless Wednesday: Frog or Toad

Should I kiss him?

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  1. Kiss him! My 3 year daughter has a caught a few of those this summer.

    • My son loves catching frogs, toads, and lizards…glad I’m not afraid of them…snakes wouldn’t be too good of a catch though.

  2. I think it’s a toad. We’ve got about 100 of them in our yard right now (and our pool). But if you do kiss him and something good happens let me know. I’ll make a project of kissing all of them and have 100 princes in my yard instead. I bet they’d pull weeds if I ask them. This could be good!

  3. My guess is a toad, but what do you have to loose? Go ahead and kiss him (it), maybe something good will stil happen

  4. Mary Ambrosino says


  5. Hey Lisa,
    First of all it is a Toad and secondly tell me is he enough cute to deserve a kiss?…..well i can’t kiss a Toad anyways,but it is up to you if you think you can do that then sure why not.

    Good Luck and God Bless!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua.

  6. It’s so tiny! But yeah, I think it’s a toad, too. They’re cuter when they’re this small. Scary when they grow. LOL We used to look for them when we were kids but we’re too scared to actually catch them.

  7. I never caught any toad such small as that, to be honest I am afraid to hold any amphibians. but I never knew that small toads can be cute as that.