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Urban Gardens: Good For Physical And Mental Health

Surprising Correlations

As it turns out, there is a link between what you eat and how healthy you are mentally. It may be surprising to realize, but sometimes physical and mental health aren’t defined by obvious factors. One would assume that what you ate and how your mind functions were entirely separate entities.

Likewise, you would assume that the state of your heart was solely dependent on the foods you put into your body; but as it turns out, a giving heart leads to increased levels of health. This means a non-food factor can additionally influence your physical health.

Bad Food Ruins The Mind

There are a few obvious reasons for both of these states worth exploring. First, when it comes to mental health, it’s easy to see that certain foods are going to be bad for you. Let’s start with Tuna. While high in omega-3s, and a good protein, it also has larger than conventionally safe quantities of mercury, which can lead to madness. You can only eat so much tuna.

The tuna fish is a natural creature, pulled from the ocean. It’s not a mass-produced farm full of pesticides in the produce and hormones in the meat. It’s also not some chemically derived sugar substitute accidentally stumbled upon in a laboratory. Likewise, it’s not full of processed foods, artificial foodstuffs, chemical dyes, or anything like that. If a natural food item like tuna can be bad for you, what about known toxic foodstuffs?

When you’ve got a diet which routinely features toxic substances, that’s going to be harmful to the body. It’s going to decrease physical health. It’s going to decrease the aesthetic of a person’s appearance. Such toxic substances often cause breakouts, leading to long bouts of self-esteem destroying acne.

When it comes to junk food, there is furthermore an addiction factor to take into account which foists larger-than-healthy amounts of these toxic substances into a person’s body regularly. Too much macaroni and cheese, too many potato chips, too many sodas, too many candy bars—these can erode the teeth, the body, and a person’s mental health.

Good Actions Maintain The Body

On the other hand, if you’re doing something proactive, if you’re giving back, then you’ve got to work at it, overcome obstacles, and interact with people. Even if you’re eating a poor diet, such activities can help you maintain certain levels of health.

The best of both worlds would be designing a local garden in your neighborhood. Perhaps you could give some of your produce to neighbors, maybe you’ll rely on it mostly yourself; though most home-gardeners find it’s very rewarding to spread their harvest.

Spreading Health

A garden doesn’t have to be a farm. You don’t need acres and acres of land. Just a few square feet of well-managed land, and the patience to maintain plants as they develop through their regular cycles. You can even grow fruits and vegetables in a planter hung from an apartment window. There are quite a few indoor gardening planters available today.

What you’ll need to get the ball rolling in either scenario are the right seeds. You want them properly cared for, and in the selection, you’re most interested in. Also, you want seeds known to grow in your region. Indoor conditions can be synthesized, but if you can grow outdoors, this usually opens you up to greater gardening possibilities.

For those who are looking to expand their seed collections – My Seed Needs is a company that “ships thousands of seed packets on a weekly basis. The vast majority of our seed products are packaged based on customer demand, and are stored in a temperature-controlled environment for maximum freshness.”

So get some seeds and planting materials together and grow your garden. You can increase your intake of known-natural foods, and you may even be able to give to your local community.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Luckily for me I love vegetables. My soil requires me to grow in raised beds so my space is limited for my seeds so thanks for the hints.