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Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2016

Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2016

Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2016

Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2016

The vanity is one of the focal points of a bathroom, and it can easily establish the overall style of the space. If you want to give your bathroom a quick facelift, a few coats of paint and new vanity will certainly change up the look in a single weekend.

Before you settle on a style, check out these top bathroom vanity trends that are finding their way into thousands of homes across the country.

Apron Sinks

Move over kitchen sink. Bathroom vanities are now incorporating apron sinks as well. The Celine Double Sink Vanity is a beautiful example of how a sink that flows over the side of the counter can be a statement piece.

Raised Round Sinks

Vessel sinks have been a big trend in bathroom vanities for a while now, but this year they’re getting a new look. Installing perfectly round sinks that appear to raise right up out of the countertop is a trend that is quickly taking hold in 2016.

Wall Mounted Bath Vanities

A wall-mounted bath vanity is a great option for anyone that wants to maximize the space in a small bathroom. Given the newfound popularity of tiny homes and micro apartments, it’s no surprise that wall-mounted bath vanities are also on trend.

Open Shelving

People who love organization and displaying chic knick-knacks are the driving force behind open shelving in the bathroom. More and more bath vanities are beginning to incorporate open shelving into the design where rolled-up bath towels, soaps and more can be stored for all to see.

Oversized Single Vanities

Double sinks are a big plus in most master baths, but an oversized single vanity could become the new must have. It’s a great option if your bathroom is only plumbed for one sink and you don’t want to take on a plumbing project. You’ll get ample counter space and almost as much storage as a double vanity.

Trough-Style Sinks

Another vanity sink trend for 2016 is the trough style. This design features a long, rectangular basin that both faucets drain into. While the sink itself is huge, one thing to keep in mind is that this style typically provides little to no counter space.

Marble Tops

A vanity with a marble top exudes sophistication. Over the last few years, marble has quickly replaced granite as the go-to high-end countertop in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Glass Countertops

Another en vogue material for countertops is glass. A glass-top bath vanity looks clean, modern and creates a beautiful cohesiveness when the sink is made of the same material.

Copper Accents and Fixtures

Copper is officially the bathroom metal of 2016. Instead of hiding it behind the walls in the piping, copper is front and center on vanities. Some people are going subtle with copper handles on the cabinets while others are going bold with sinks entirely made of the metal.

Furniture Inspired Vanities

HGTV was among the first to note that furniture inspired cabinetry was becoming a big trend for bathroom vanities. This year the trend has really taken hold with bath vanities that closely resemble hutches and antique dressers. Instead of having cabinets, these vanities have pull out drawers.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I would love to have a raised round sink. There is so much you can do with your bathroom these days.