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Spot It! Duel is a Family Game Night Just Waiting to Happen

Disclosure: This post sponsored by Asmodee Digital. All opinions are mine. 

Entertainment is a big deal in our household. We all work hard at our jobs, school, and keeping up with things around the house so when we do have a little free time we like to recharge our batteries with games and activities. Our newest addition is Spot It! Duel and we’ve all been crazy about it since day one. It’s like a family game night just waiting to happen!

We love board games and cards but it’s not always convenient to break those out. With Spot It! Duel you can ditch the bulky boxes, leave the cards at home, and never have to worry about losing a game piece again. Best part is you can own Spot It! Duel for free! You can download it on iTunes and Google Play to your mobile device and play it anywhere.

The game has great graphics and the mechanics are simple enough for all ages to enjoy. So not only do the kids get to play, so can grandma and grandpa! Spot It Duel is easy to figure out it’s basically a fast-paced symbol matching game. The challenges get harder over time to keep even the fastest fans on their toes. We absolutely love it!

How it works is you match symbols as fast as you can. Along the way, you collect rewards, Dobble characters, and a whole lot of bragging rights. The more combos you build the bigger your score. The key to survival is to balance strategy and speed. You can hone your skills in solo game play and multiplayer (you could be next to one another on two tablets, or collaborating on one). You can play anytime, anywhere, and with anybody. All you need is the free game and a mobile device.

If you’re still reading this, what are you waiting for? Download it for free and give it a try. Once you do You’ll see why the Spot It! franchise has been so successful over the years. Since 2009 they’ve sold over 10 million units globally. They quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and have won several prestigious toy awards along the way. Spot It! Duel is the brand’s first-ever video game adaption and it’s so much of a hit in our household we’re sure it’s going to be the next big thing.

For more info on Spot It check them out online. Get it Spot It! Duel for free on iTunes and Google Play. Then get social and connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram !


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Can hardly wait to play Duel with the grandkids. Sounds reaaly fun. Thanks for the info.