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Remembering Mother’s Day Growing Up

Purchasing Mother’s Day gifts can sometimes be difficult. Every year when my oldest son was still little his dad would give him money to shop for me at the dollar store and every year I would receive the loveliest candle wrapped in the most creative wrapping ever.  I told my son I liked candles and he never forgot.  It became his go-to gift for me.  He is still very thoughtful in his gift giving and pays attention to what his mama says she wants or likes so I can’t wait to see what I get.

When I was young I remember my half-sister would take her step-mother’s perfume (she wore expensive perfume) and wrap it up for our mom on Mother’s Day.  It was always something we found so funny and although my little sister was stealing, it was really sweet that she wanted our mom to have nice things…regardless of how she had to get them.  Of course, when she got old enough to realize that it probably wasn’t a great idea to steal from her step-mother to give to ours she started resorting to purchasing her gifts.

Our mom, however, isn’t the easiest woman to buy for because she buys what she wants, when she wants on eBay.  If you don’t believe me you should see her feedback score, it is now 10,135!  Many times over the years we have made her find auctions of things she likes and we give her an eBay gift card or PayPal her the money to buy it. This year I still haven’t decided which way to go, but I won’t be stealing any perfume from anyone, that’s for sure.  I’m probably going to rely on eBay’s gift giving guide for Mother’s Day.

Bonus:  I just found this video in time for Mother’s Day and I love it.

So, does this remind you of your relationship with your mom?

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 Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by eBay and I was compensated to share my story, opinions are my own.  Story is true.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Like your mother would iron your jeans…….

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says

    How I miss my mother during this kind of days, its been a while since we talk lately,she is not around because of work abroad. I think I should plan for a special gift for my mother.