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OUYA is the perfect holiday gift!

Disclosure: We were provided a game console in exchange for an honest review.  These are our opinions.

OUYA is the perfect holiday gift!

Ouya 2

With Christmas looming on the horizon, now is a good time to start thinking of gift ideas. OUYA is an Android based gaming platform that is fun for people of all ages. The console itself is very compact and the controller is similar to high end systems minus the high end price. OUYA has over 500 games and is priced at $99.00 which makes it very affordable. What I REALLY appreciated was being able to download the games for free and try them out before you buy. If you decide you want to buy a game it won’t break the bank either. I downloaded 4 games that I thought were fun to play for $20 which is unheard of with other consoles. To find similar prices for higher end consoles you will have to dig deep into the bowels of vintage gaming history.


If you have a young child that you just don’t want to trust with a higher end console the OUYA is perfect. The quality of the games is good enough to keep them captivated and if they tear it up you aren’t standing to lose very much money.

Ouya 3

I am a gamer at heart and have every modern console. There is hardly a game I haven’t beaten and have over 25 years of gaming experience. In my opinion comparing the OUYA to other consoles is like comparing apples and oranges. When considering this console I would focus more on the quality of graphics, quality of game play, cost of the games, and whether or not it is fun. The OUYA has all of the above but may fall short when comparing it to the competition but you have to keep things in perspective. Overall this console is a great deal and perfect for Christmas. All you have to do is give it a chance. For a little more than what it would cost you to buy game or two for other consoles you can get a whole system. I am still having fun with the OUYA and I think you will too!

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Happy gaming!