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Nature Photography: Soft, Furry, and Hard

There is just something about seeing a wild animal crawling through your yard that screams PHOTOGRAPH!

I have two photography passions – nature photography and food photography.

nature photographed soft shell turtle

This soft shell turtle was found by my husband in the middle of the interstate.  Because his shell is the texture of a mushroom it was getting beat up pretty badly from the cars driving over him.  My husband rescued him and brought him home to monitor and clean his wounds.  Once we were sure he was going to be fine we let him go at our boat dock into the lake canal in our backyard.  He swam off and hopefully is living a long, happy life in the lake.

nature photographed rabbit

This little guy is adorable.  I fell in love with him when I went to our community garden party this past weekend.

nature photographed armadillo

This little fellow was as soft as can be and gentle too.  Not at all what I was expected from an Armadillo.

Did you know that an Armadillo can carry leprosy?


  1. You took some great shots Lisa!

  2. That soft shelled turtle is weird looking, but definitely cool.

  3. Wow! Your photos are amazing, like I’m standing right there! That turtle is so strange! I love bunnies! And armadillos are weird looking !

  4. Great shots but that poor turtle is ugly! The bunny is cute!!

  5. Awesome shots… but WOW that turtle is crazy looking!!

  6. AHHH so cute!! I want to snuggle that bunny. The armadillo looks really sweet, that’s so cool that you got to hold him too! Good on you guys for saving that turtle too!!

  7. I can’t believe you handled all of those! That’s so great that you saved the turtle. He has such an odd looking head. I was glad you said what he was because I couldn’t figure it out! He just doesn’t look like a turtle. Great pictures!

  8. Those are AWESOME photos!!!!

  9. That armadillo one is awesome!

  10. Lisa, these are awesome shots. I think I like the turtle one the best! He just looks so ancient, almost dinosaur like!

  11. That bunny is precious I want one!

  12. Oh that poor turtle – your husband is so sweet!

  13. How amazing you got such a close up photo. The turtle shot is so detailed

  14. super cool photos.

  15. what neat photos – and great animals to run into!

  16. Those are gallery ready photos! So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Mary Ambrosino says

    The turtle has a very odd snout. Nature is so interesting and your photos are really professional looking.

  18. Oh my! That armadillo is crazy looking. I’ve never seen one up close. They always remind me of Steel Magnolias.

  19. I have never seen a soft shelled turtle before.. we have painted turtles here in our pond during Summer. We can even hold them. Love turtles.

  20. I love that you guys rescued that turtle!!

  21. Sweet shots here, great guys that you rescued that turtle, well done


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