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It’s got to be Margaritaville time somewhere!!!

It’s got to be Margaritaville time somewhere!!!


Margaritaville is more than just a song and an awesome restaurant chained owned by a world renowned musician. Margaritaville is also a laid back, relaxed, “flip flop state of mind” we were able to experience for ourselves at Margaritaville Orlando!  From the moment our eyes caught a glimpse of the island décor and our noses caught a whiff of the deliciousness inside, Margaritaville began to work its magic. Behind the most welcoming façade is a place the entire family can enjoy! The food was unbelievably good and we were extremely impressed with the quality and selection of the appetizers. No matter how big your appetite, Margaritaville has something perfect for everyone’s belly and of course some of the best Margaritas on the planet! We made it a point to drink one of each Margarita on the menu ending with the Perfect Margarita. Each drink was amazing but the Perfect Margarita was our favorite. If you don’t want anything fancy and you want “just a margarita” order it and you will be amazed how good it is!  

For appetizers we had the LAVA LAVA Shrimp, Beach Tacos, and the Drunken Shrimp Skillet. For our Entrees we had the Shrimp trio as well as the New York Strip Steak Dinner and for desert we feasted on the Chocolate Hurricane. Each menu item was absolutely amazing and much better quality than we expected. Don’t get me wrong, we knew by the smell and checking out other people’s orders as they were taken away from the kitchen the food was great. Margaritaville Orlando simply blew our minds with the most amazing flavors and combinations of food. They don’t even mind sharing their recipe!


It just so happens the food, performances, background music, and everything else came together just right for the most amazing evening! An evening we plan on repeating many more times! We got much more than we bargained for and have actually been back a second time since then for a rematch with the Chocolate Hurricane! You can’t help but to take pictures of this mammoth piece of deliciousness. Just look at it and tell me how good you think this was!

Located in Universal  Citywalk Orlando (commonly referred to as the entertainment capital of Orlando)  it is defiantly a “must do” if you are out this way on vacation with your family, by yourself, partying, or whatever the case may be. If you are looking for a laid back, fun dining experience, you’ve got to check this place out. This place exudes the essence of Jimmy Buffet and as soon as you step through the doors it is as if you are teleported directly into one of his songs. I hear you can expect the same atmosphere at any location and based on what we experienced would want nothing other.

Just click the following link to look for the Margaritaville closest to you! Like Margaritaville on Facebook and follow@Margaritaville on Twitter! If you are looking for more than just dinner and more of a dining experience be sure to stop by your local Margaritaville or make it a Nav Point your next road trip!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    It is New Years Eve and I wish there was a Margaritaville near us so we would spend it there. If you are close, you have to go.