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How To Get Teens To Help Around The House

How many teenagers are willing to help around the house? Teens are a tricky group of people because they need more convincing than small children do. What may have worked on a smaller child will not work on a teenager because they want to be treated as adults.

Here are some tips that you can use to get your teenagers to help around the house:

Create New Habits

If you keep nagging your kids to do something, they are less likely to do it. You need to find a way to switch the mindset of your child so that he or she can develop new habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Things that you can try include:

  • Sitting down and talking to your child about what you think is reasonable for him to do.
  • Once you agree on a list of jobs, put the list somewhere visible such as the bathroom mirror or the kitchen fridge.
  • Putting rewards and consequences in place to make your child aware of the cost of missing chores.

What Do Teens Want?

Teenagers want space and they need to be heard. They also think they can do it all and want to live as independently as possible. Teens do not want to feel like children anymore, so you should allow them to think for themselves a little more. Offer attractive rewards that will help to make household chores a priority without being too overbearing. Be careful when giving your kids DIY plumbing jobs because they might make a problem worse. If they mess up a plumbing repair job, you will have to call in the experts. According to the owner of Plumbing Fix Downey, this might end up costing more than it would have before the botch job. You might even end up having to call a restoration company such as https://www.restorationelite.com/ to fix your floors and walls if the problem exacerbates.

Be Age-specific When Setting Chores

Older and younger teens need to have jobs that differ. You can even make it seem like a rite of passage. Your younger kids will aim for these higher jobs: food shopping and cooking. Also make sure that your kids feel like valued members of your family.

Teach How To Do Things

The most common excuse for not doing chores is that they do not know how to do something. Instead of criticizing their efforts when they do something badly, teach them how to do things properly. Complaining about poorly done chores will only instill negative energy in your housework. Remember, people learn at different paces and it might take a while for your child to learn how to do something properly.

Create Reminders

Instead of nagging your children to finish their chores, create reminders on their phones for every task. Teens are more likely to listen to other grownups who are not their parents. Consider asking another adult in your home to remind them about their chores.

Make It A Priority

If there is no consequence to missing chores, even the most well-meaning teens will not do them. After all, there are always more important things to do. Create consequences if you want your teen to respond to your rules. Instead of giving extreme punishments, start by taking away their basics. For instance, if your teenager refuses to do his or her chores, take away his or her phone and a computer for a while. Instilling work ethics in your teens will not only be beneficial to their personal growth but it could also strengthen your parental bond with them.

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Very good ideas and every parent should instill this in thier kids for a good work ethic.