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How to Create Space for A Swimming Pool

A home swimming pool can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. Your family will create lasting summer memories, and you can make your home look that much better. It is the ideal addition to the backyard, but installing a swimming pool is a major investment and takes a bit of work to plan and install before you can take a dip.

Know What You Want

When you’ve decided to get a pool for your home, you open a whole new list of questions. There are different types of pools: inground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools, and even an in-between: semi-inground pools that are 24 to 36 inches in the ground and a few more feet above the ground. Nothing you read appeals to you? A custom pool builder can help you create something truly unique and special if you want to mix thing up a bit.

There are a few key things to consider: your budget, the size of your yard, potential zoning restrictions, the size of the pool in accordance to your family, and the type of pool that you want. With above ground pools, you have a mobile advantage in the case that you move to another house. However, an inground swimming pool can increase the value of your home. Consider long-term maintenance and any potential safety concerns.

Preparing the Ground

When you know which swimming pool is right for your family, you will need to prepare your backyard for this large-scale project. The type of soil in your backyard is a major factor, and you may have to axe the project if your yard has rocky conditions. Even if you are installing an above ground swimming pool, you need a level playing ground. You should make sure the ground is ready for either type of pool. This step includes a variety of supplies, such as a wheelbarrow, shovels, as well as nails and a carpenter’s level.

Make sure to choose the best area of the yard for the pool. The ground should be level, and make sure, if you are digging into the ground, that you have the local utilities company inspect the area first. Mark the pool’s perimeter, and stake the desired area. If you are digging for an inground pool, speak to the contractor first and work with them throughout this preparation.

Remove all vegetation and sod from the proposed area. The yard should be at the same level of the pool base, and the pool needs to sit on a firm base. Do not raise the lowest point of the pool to meet the yard. Use wooden planks to create a level for the pool itself, and use this as a stencil to make sure that everything is on the same footing.

Building Around Your Pool

When you have your pool in place, you can leave it as is or make your backyard a virtual oasis. You can build a wood deck around your swimming pool (even above ground pools), or use plants or colorful garden rocks to create a motif around the pool. The possibilities are endless – create a paradise or just jump in the pool and have a blast. After all, it is always a paradise for your family.

The family swimming pool is going to be a focal point in summer, at birthday parties and various family events. It is important that you choose the right pool, in the right size, that fits your backyard well. While it takes a lot of planning and preparation, a quality swimming pool will be worth the financial investment, the planning and the wait.