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Gifts for Women in Your Life

It’s coming up to the time of year where suddenly you have to ditch your normal life, brave the cold weather, and head out to pick up shopping for the women you care about. Whether that’s for your girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend, you’ll have to come up with something to gift to them for Christmas. In this post, I’m going to give you some ideas for present inspiration.


You might initially think that slippers are something for grandmas, but you should never underestimate the cosy factor! There are many women who appreciate slipping their feet into a pair of comfortable and warm slippers. If they like a bit of glamour, I’ve noticed a trend for sparkly and glittery slippers; whether they come in moccasin style or something approximating Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ruby red slip ons, there are plenty styles to choose from. Ugg boots are always popular and they have a range of non-boot versions called scuffettes. They are lined with sheepskin and include the classic Ugg pig suede upper. If cosiness is the ultimate goal and you want to get something exceptionally warm then check out slippers that are microwavable, keeping your ladies feet toasty warm for hours at a time.


This might be a clichéd choice, but I’ve never met a woman who says they’ve got too much perfume. There are always new fragrances released so there is always something new to buy. Ellie Saab’s Girl of Now is an exotic fragrance that blends mandarin, pistachio and pear with orange blossom, almond and magnolia for a rich and enchanting fragrance. Jo Malone’s London’s English Oak and Redcurrant fragrance mixes the two with green mandarin, rose and white musk for an uplifting scent. Gucci’s latest scent, Bloom is a white floral scent blended by top perfumer Alberto Morillas.

A word of advice: Don’t go into a perfume shop and start smelling everything in sight.  Your olfactory sense can easily get overloaded and you’ll end up not knowing which fragrance is which and possibly leaving with a clunker of a scent.


Chocolate is something that pretty much everyone will enjoy, so it’s a safe bet for presents. There are hundreds of thousands of types of chocolate you can buy, but I’m going to let you in on a few ideas I’ve seen that might work for you if you’re after something extra special.

Thornton’s are doing a milk chocolate clutch bag, which is perfect for the fashionista who loves chocolate. Sweet Trees are a London-based company who specialise in making trees out of sweets. They have over 100 designs and a lot of them are made of chocolate. Using your favourite sweets, Sweet Trees make an edible tree, edible foliage and soil. Everything is edible apart from the trunk and the plant pot itself, which is made of glass. Imagine a tree made of smarties, minstrels, chocolate orange or Lindt chocolates, well, now it is a reality. The trees can be personalised to have your own message written on them. They are available in a range of four sizes and there are over a hundred designs.

I hope this has given you some ideas, but I always like to check Groupon as it’s chock full of gifts for her inspiration if I’m ever at a loss for trying to find gifts. They’ve always got a massive range of different types of gifts for all types of women.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I have Gucci Bloom and love it. All your gift suggestions are great.