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Composting: The Worm Factory 360 Bin by The Squirm Firm

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Squirm Firm and we were given product to facilitate a review.  Opinions are our own.

The Worm Factory 360

A year ago we took up roots and transplanted ourselves to the Sunshine State. With all the planting we have been doing i.e. landscaping and gardening as well as fishing in East Lake Toho we became increasingly interested in worm farming (vermicomposting). The fever really set in after scoping out an exhibit at the Orlando Home Show this year and learning how good worms are for your soil. The Worm Factory 360  from The Squirm Firm was just what we have been waiting for!


Whether you are looking to fertilize your plants or looking for some sustainability in the bait department The Worm Factory 360 is just what you need! In just a few weeks YOU can grow your very own worms. They will send you all the equipment along with an instructional CD and manual that will tell you everything you need to be a world class worm farmer!

When you get your first shipment, just pop in the DVD, read the manual, and set up your very first tray. When your worms get delivered they will have a perfect environment just waiting for them. Set up is extremely easy and no tools are required, neither are any special skills. The Worm Factory 360 is so easy to put together anyone could do it!

To make our first tray we laid down a couple sheets of dry newspaper. We then took a spray bottle filled with tap water and sprayed the newspaper shreds and other material that were provided in the kit to make them moist. We covered all this with five or so sheets of moist newspaper and stuck it in a corner to wait for our worm delivery. Now all we have to do is wait patiently to get a pound of worms to start our farm!!!

Their first meal will be waiting for them when they get here – we made a mixture of one cup of used French Roast coffee grounds, one cup of crushed free range eggs shells, half of a vine ripe tomato fresh from the garden, and 3 pieces of crumbled up rye bread to add to the corner of the tray tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more details on Vermicomposting!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Lucky worms will have a gourmet meal upon arrival.