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Car Insurance Coverage for Each Stage in Your Life

As your life changes, there are many things that change along with it. Maybe it means moving from your bachelor pad into a bungalow built for two, or swapping your two-seat sports car for a minivan. Along those same lines, some people don’t realize that your car insurance coverage should also change with your ever-evolving life. From getting married to having kids, the different stages in your family’s life may call for different car insurance coverage, too. Keep reading to find out how various stages in your life can affect your car insurance.

Single life

  • Buying your first car – No matter if you’re 16 or 26, buying your first car is one more step closer to independence. Before you drive your new car off the dealer’s lot, make sure you have the coverage you need as a first-time car owner.
  • Leaving home for the first time – When you move out of your parent’s house you’ll need to be sure your car insurance will travel with you. If you were on your parents’ plan, be sure that a change of location won’t affect your coverage; however, if you already had your own policy, read on to see how moving often affects your auto insurance rates and protection.
  • Moving – Whether you’re simply moving from a dorm to your first apartment or moving out of state, a change of address needs to be reported to your insurance company. Sometimes a simple cross-town move won’t affect your rates, but a cross-country move could very well impact your coverage and premiums.


Married life

  • Getting married – Tying the knot comes with many advantages, one of which is discount auto insurance. Take advantage of the discounts your insurance company offers like a multi-vehicle discount.
  • Buying a house – Not only are there multi-car discounts, but insurance companies will also usually offer bundle discounts for policies joined with homeowner’s insurance or life insurance.
  • Getting divorced – Unfortunately, not all marriages work out exactly as planned. For those whom divorce is a reality, be aware that the insurance discounts you enjoyed while married will often be reversed once cars are removed from a joint policy and put on separate policies.


Family life

  • Having a baby – Whether you’re bringing your first baby home from the hospital or you’re adding another child to your family through adoption, a growing family also has growing financial needs. That’s why every time you add to your family you should check to see if you have the coverage you need to protect your loved ones.
  • Teens starting to drive – The day your teenager earns his or her permit and starts to drive is the time to add them to your car insurance policy. Your rates may increase a bit, but car insurance discounts are offered to teens who earn good grades.
  • Kids leaving for college – There are two things that can happen when your kids go off to college: They may leave without a car, which means you can remove them from your policy; or, they take a car with them and you have to decide whether to make them take out their own policy or keep them covered on yours. If your teen is driving while away at college make sure they have the coverage they need to protected themselves, their car and their passengers.
  • Retiring – Empty nesters nearing retirement may want to consider how this big life change could affect their car insurance. Without the daily commute you may be able to lower your coverage. You may also find that you may need only one car between the two of you, which would no doubt lower your monthly insurance bill, too.


There are so many life events that can affect your car insurance. The best way to ensure you have the coverage you need is to find an insurance company you can trust. Read car insurance reviews to find out what others have to say about various companies, then request a quote to see how your current coverage stacks up. Your life is ever-changing, so find the car insurance that can change right along with it.


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  1. The perks of being married. Getting a discount hahaha.

  2. Thanks for sharing the useful information, actually I have thought often about switching to an other insurance company, and I haven’t heard about the options you’ve mentioned in your post, your points are really helpful for me!

  3. GT Commercial says

    Great post, I guess there are some perks to growing up after all.

  4. Mary Ambrosino says

    I am not happy with my current rates so thanks to your post I may consider bundling now.

  5. Nice and informative post. Car insurance is necessary at every stage of life. Your circumstances will change many times in your life, so you require insurance according to that. Along the way, the amounts and types of coverage you require will also change.