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Best Haunts in Atlanta Folklore Haunted House

Folklore Haunted House is a new attraction this year in Dallas, GA roughly 35 miles west of Atlanta. This is not your average haunted house and definitely not for the faint of heart. Believe me, you aren’t even safe in the parking lot!  These folks are serious and it shows in all aspects of this attraction – from the incredibly well constructed (and fire-proofed) walls to the professional acting of their employees. I’m telling you this place is top quality! If you know anyone who thinks they can’t be scared in a haunted house bring them in.

They are complete masters of misdirection and really know how to get your attention focused in one direction and come at you in a completely unexpected way at precisely the right time. I am not easily startled or scared and am proud to say they “got me” numerous times! It is as if they tapped into some dark psychology found in a haunted file cabinet or something. They literally came at us from every direction!

The zombies!!!! The zombies!!!!

The zombies are absolutely amazing and look very realistic. There are both slow and fast movers! The make-up is phenomenal and includes those awesomely eerie eyes of various colors that make things all the more disturbing. Folklore provides an experience you can only find in high end haunts minus the overly inflated price. Did I mention they have a coffin ride out front? Yes, I said a coffin ride!!!! Take your “Last Ride” and experience being buried alive…complete with smells and sounds no doubt! It even simulates the movement of being lowered to your most horrific grave! How awesome is that? Where else can you get buried alive for $5 and live to tell about it? Without spoiling the attraction we can tell you that everything you experience will be well thought out, right down to the last detail. Folklore is definitely a must see!


Creativity:  4.5 skulls
Characters: 4.5 skulls
Gore: 3 skull
Length: 5 skulls
Scariness: 4.5 skulls
Construction: 5 skulls
Our 5 skull favorite part? The bridge w/creepy crawler.
Folklore Haunted House is located in Dallas, GA and is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
from now until October 31st!

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  1. They’re open Sunday nights too….

  2. If that first picture is any indication of what the whole place is like, then it should be very cool and creepy to go see.

    Surfing around and taking notes of places as the scare season is just around the corner.