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Basement Waterproofing Benefits: Why Spending a Little Time and Cash Can Save You a Lot of Trouble Later

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure and that wisdom could definitely be applied to the idea of waterproofing your basement rather than trying to contend with the aftermath of water invasion disaster. Here is a look at why it is worth investing a small amount of your time and money in protecting your basement from the threat of water finding a way into your home uninvited.

The threat of moisture

Whichever way you look at it excess moisture in your basement can create some serious problems if the problem goes unresolved. A damp basement has the capacity to cause structural damage, which will be expensive to fix and damaging to your property value, plus damp conditions can be harmful to your health.

Humid conditions encourage mold and mildew

The only way that mold and mildew are able to thrive in your property is when they get the perfect mix of moist and humid conditions, which is one of the sound arguments in favor of waterproofing your home so that you can discourage that scenario from happening. The act of waterproofing your basement will help to significantly reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth by stifling the area available for them to grow. It is always far better to be proactive in this respect as once they are in your home and thriving, mold and mildew can be expensive and troublesome to remove. In addition to the repair and renovation costs you might be facing, you are leaving you and your family exposed to a higher risk of respiratory problems. This is a classic example of prevention being better than cure and waterproofing provides clear benefits in terms of your property condition and value as well as your personal health.

The risk of structural damage

If you have structural damage to contend with in your property and the foundation needs attention you might have a need to visit a site like http://www.helitechccd.com/ to get the professional help required. There are some preventative measures to help reduce the prospect of structural damage and waterproofing your basement is one of them. When you allow moisture to seep into the walls of your basement area you are opening up the very real prospect of creating an environment that could culminate in structural damage to your home. The simple explanation as to why you are more at risk is that wet wood is way more vulnerable to attack than dry wood. In addition to the threat of the structure of your property being weakened by moisture, you are also potentially encouraging termites to thrive and you are also at risk from rot. Again, a simple but effective preventative waterproofing measure will help to give you that extra layer of protection your home often needs.

Getting the full use out of your basement

There are a number of practical considerations that also speak out in favor of waterproofing your home. No one wants to spend any time in a damp or musty room so your basement might not be a very welcoming or comfortable space without the benefit of having it waterproofed. If you want to take full advantage of the useful space that you have in the basement it makes sense to take steps to improve the condition of that area so that it feels just like any other space in your house.

Improve your storage options

Another practical reason for taking steps to keep your basement as dry as possible is that it allows you the option of using the area for storing a lot of your possessions more safely. If your basement area is damp, it is virtually impossible to store a wide range of items safely. Food, books, and clothes are just a few items that will not fare well in moist conditions and could soon get ruined. If you can only store waterproof items in your basement you are looking at things the wrong way round. It should be that your basement is waterproof so that you can store anything you want there knowing that it is not going to get ruined.

Cut your energy costs

If your basement is permanently battling against the damp that is going to be costing you more in energy costs to keep a dehumidifier going and can also affect the energy efficiency performance of your home in general. All things considered, it seems to be a better strategy to consider the idea of waterproofing your basement rather than face the prospect of continually spending money on repairs and remedial work to tackle the effects of excess moisture coming into your home.

Elise Burke works as a home inspector and often looks for the latest home repair and renovation information. She also loves to share what she discovers by posting her insights on a number of home repair and DIY websites.



  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    My son has been battling a damp basement for years and so has one of my daughters. This is a common problem so waterproof your basement folks. you won;t be sorry.