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An ECO-Adventure in Gulf County Florida & Giveaway

This post brought to you by Visit Gulf County. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Life with Lisa.

321431 Being stuck in the office day after day, I really appreciate time outdoors. Immersing myself in nature centers me. That is why I like to take every opportunity to do something outside. In April, we have been invited to experience some of what Gulf County, Florida (GCFL) has to offer. It’s going to be great to escape the theme park area we live in. Some of the adventures we will be experiencing may include: boating on Lake Wimico, kayaking the Dead Lakes, exploring St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and St. Joseph Bay, riding horses on the beach, fishing, biking, and enjoying the local cuisine. I can’t wait to share this experience with you and tell you all about it!



There is so much to do in Gulf County Florida (GCFL) and we are really excited because we have not been there. It has been a long, long time since our last trip to the Gulf Coast so we are really looking forward to it. Vacationing in GCFL, it is possible to visit a different beach every single day. There is always something new to do and the scenery is spectacular! Once you have experienced this place you will definitely want to come back. The Gulf County Adventure Guide features so many of the things you can do such as shelling, scalloping, paddleboarding, camping, and watching some of the most beautiful sunsets around.

GCFL is the ideal vacation destination for our adventurous family.


Horseback riding on the beach anyone?


St. Joseph Peninsula State Park is loaded with wildlife!


Looking forward to capturing similar photos on our trip.


There might not be a lot of time for Lisa to hit the hammock, but it’s there if we need it!


We might get to soak our feet before heading out on an Eco-tour with Captain Charlene from About Fun Charters to tour St. Joseph Bay and get a glimpse at the incredible sunset!


Here are the things we are most looking forward to experiencing:

Kayaking Through the Dead Lakes: As you know so many of my posts center around kayaking so this is right up my alley.  The idea of kayaking  through the Dead Lakes through the swamp of Cypress and Tupelo trees excites me. I can only imagine the incredible photos I will capture in black and white.  They say the way the fog comes off the water and how the stumps are so concentrated it almost looks like another planet!

Adventure Out To A Different Beach Every Day: Lisa loves to window shop and she is going to get a chance to check out some of the shops in Gulf County too. She’s excited about bicycling around town visiting the Farmer’s Market, Reid Avenue, and Port City Trail. But what she is most excited about is going fishing.  Believe it or not she loves to fish and the idea of fishing with a local charter captain and then cooking her catch with a local chef has her beyond ecstatic!

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park: If you aren’t reading about my last kayaking adventure you are sure to learn about a nature trail I’ve discovered so the idea of exploring St. Joseph Peninsula State Park is going to incredible. The wildlife, my favorite thing to photograph, includes deer, bobcats, squirrels, raccoons, Kingfishers, Great Horn Owls and even otters, so I’m sure to fill up the SD card on that trip.


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